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12 Killer Things That Are Harming Your Heart

How well do you look after your heart? You might think that your heart is healthy, but how can you be sure? There are loads of lifestyle issues that can impact your heart. You may not realize the damage you are doing to your heart every single day. When your heart gives in, you will die. It might sound a little blunt, but it is true. You need to make an effort to care for your heart every day of your life. Here are some killer things that are harming your heart.

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1. Holding a grudge

When you’re mad at someone, you likely hold a grudge against them. That is a normal thing to do. After all, you are only human. The problem is that when you hold a grudge it puts strain on your heart. Many studies have found that forgiving people is better for your body than holding onto grudges for no reason. Let it go.

2. Eating fatty food

Everybody knows that eating fatty food is bad for you. Eating food with high fat content will make you gain weight. That is not the worst of it, though and you know it. When you eat fatty food, your cholesterol rises. When you have high cholesterol, you are prone to heart attacks and strokes. Cut out as much fatty food as you can. When you change your diet, you will have a healthier lifestyle.

3. Not exercising enough

How often do you exercise? Ideally, you should exercise for at least twenty minutes every single day. If you have an office job, where you sit in front of a computer all day, it is time to make a lifestyle change. Join the gym and make an effort to go.

4. Drinking alcohol

Everybody likes a glass of wine at the end of the day, but if you drink more than that, you are hurting your heart. Alcohol speeds up your heart rate in the same way that exercise does. Your heart should not have to work hard when you are not exercising. If you drink too much, you need to start cutting down right now. Prolonged drinking is bad for your heart.

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5. Smoking

Smoking is bad for all areas of your body, but particularly your heart. When you smoke, you make your cholesterol shoot up. You should attempt to quit smoking as soon as possible. You could try weaning yourself off tobacco using Nucig electronic cigarettes. That way, you can curb your cravings and quit smoking for good.

6. Drinking coffee

Coffee is a little like alcohol in that it speeds up your heart rate. When you drink coffee, you likely get a buzz from the caffeine. That ‘buzz’ puts loads of extra strain on your heart. You need to avoid drinking too much coffee every day. A safe alternative is making the switch from coffee to tea, as it will give you energy without stressing your heart too much. If you start drinking green tea instead of caffeinated drinks, you’ll notice a healthy change in your life.

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7. The end of a relationship

When people talk about a broken heart it has a literal meaning. When a relationship ends, people often get sad and depressed. Studies have found that a breakup can impact your heart in more ways than one. You might find that your heart starts to ache when you and your partner break up. That is a bad sign. You need to deal with the end of your relationship in a healthy way.

8. Stress and anxiety

If things are stressing you out at work or at home, you need to deal with your issues. Stress and anxiety put strain on your heart and could lead to a heart attack. When you feel that something is stressing you, you need to find coping mechanisms. Some people think that psychological issues have nothing to do with your body, but that is not true. When you are hurting emotionally, your body will feel it too.

9. Sleeping too much

How many hours do you sleep every night? If you sleep more than nine hours each night, you could be hurting your heart. You need to make sure that you have a healthy sleeping pattern so that your heart is healthy as well. In the same respect, if you sleep at weird times of the day, you need to stop. Quality sleep happens between 10pm and 8am. If you are sleeping during the daytime, your body will not get the rest it needs to function well.

10. Loneliness

When people are lonely, they often suffer from a variety of health issues. Humans are sociable creatures. When we don’t get the interaction that we need on a day to day basis, our bodies begin to shut down forever. You need to make sure that you get out there and see people. If you work alone, you need to find other areas of your life in which to socialize.

11. Drugs

Everybody will tell you that drugs are bad for you, but why? Certain drugs, such as cocaine and MDMA, make your heart speed up massively. Of course, these drugs are illegal, and so you shouldn’t take them at all. These drugs make your heart go faster than it should. That means that you could have a heart attack or a seizure when you take these drugs. You should not put your body under that extra strain. Just say no.

12. Failing to get vitamins

Your diet has a huge impact on your heart. If you are not getting the vitamins and minerals that you need, your body will fail to function. Your heart needs vitamins to work to its highest level. You need to make sure that you eat loads of fruit and vegetables on a daily basis. If you live on takeout food and carbs, you will not have a long life. Instead, try cooking for yourself at home. Make healthy meals that are great for your heart and body. If you start developing a healthy eating habit, you will have a long and happy life.

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