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3 Methods of Teeth Whitening Recommended by Dentists

There are many methods people use to acquire their dream smile and a lot of these are not necessarily orthodox. Some people suggest things from bicarbonate of soda, to using charcoal to lighten your teeth. It’s important that you consult your dentist before trying any whitening home remedies as they could pose danger to the health of your teeth and gums.

Only certain treatments are actually recommended by dentists and these will be discussed below. These include eat fresh fruits and vegetables, limiting carbonated drinks and sugary foods as well as treatments offered by dentists that are made to the best quality available.

  1. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables

Due to the water content in many fruits and vegetables, specifically raw ones, they naturally cleanse the teeth from bacteria whilst you eat them. This is particularly demonstrated in fruits such as well as apples and strawberries as well as in raw vegetables such as celery, lettuce and carrots.

You should be eating more fruits and vegetables than other kinds of food to keep healthy, the natural teeth whitening remedies is a bonus side effect.

  1. Reduce your consumption of staining foods and drinks

Caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea are well known to be big culprits of teeth staining. This is also true for carbonated drinks (including fizzy water) and food and drink with high sugar content. Furthermore, consuming carbonated drinks is also bad for teeth as they contain a high amount of sugar, which can interact with bacteria in the mouth to form acid that attacks the teeth. This is likely to lead to oral issues like cavities and tooth decay, following which you would have to visit your local general dentist alpharetta ga (or wherever you are located) to have these issues treated.

You should cut down your consumption of these foods and drinks and always follow with water to wash as much away as possible. Especially for sugary drinks, as the sugar build up on your teeth can be very damaging.

  1. Dentist approved teeth whitening treatments

Whilst you may swear that charcoal whitens your teeth and that the bicarbonate of soda is definitely adding a sparkle to your teeth, you can never be sure of the safety of these methods. You should always seek whitening treatment through your dentist.

Most private dentists offer you two options. In-practice whitening is is done at the dentist with great care and precautions taken to protect your teeth and gums. This is recommended for first time whitening or for those less confident doing it themselves. They also offer a home whitening kit which consists of a custom-made tray which is used to whiten your teeth professionally at home in the safest way possible.

Now you know how to get started with whitening your teeth. Book an appointment with your local dentist and book in a consultation and discuss your treatment plan for whiter teeth.

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