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4 Easy Tricks To Increase Your Daily Water Intake


Striving for a healthy lifestyle is a fundamental part of life and drinking the suggested two litres of water per day is a major factor.

We all know that drinking water makes you healthier, bringing benefits to your physical appearance and your internal organs. However, finding a way to consume the recommended amount of water can be a challenge.

Here are four easy ways to promote increased water consumption. In turn, it should help you lead a healthier life.

Start The Day With A Pint

No, we don’t mean open up a can of lager. Getting yourself into the habit of drinking water first thing can be a hugely beneficial decision and will set you up nicely for the day ahead.

Hydration is vital to human life. After eight hours of sleep, your body is naturally at its highest level of dehydration. Putting water back into your body will bring instant improvements to your energy levels and general alertness.

Moreover, hydrating yourself properly before breakfast is likely to stop you eating too much. Brekkie is the most important meal of the day, but you don’t want to consume so much food that you struggle throughout the day. Water is your secret weapon.

Get In The Gym

Our bodies are over half water, so it’s crucial that we top ourselves up throughout the day. Nonetheless, it’s even more critical whenever we are losing significant amounts of fluid. Exercise is one of those times.

Fortunately, the nature of exercise means that you’ll naturally be reaching for the water bottle both during and after. Replacing the lost water comes easily, and is a great way to help flush the system.

Regular exercise will improve your mental health too, and can also encourage improvements to your physical appearance too. What more motivation could you need?

Introduce Water At Work

One of the main reasons that we struggle to hit the recommended two litres is that we spend half of our waking day at work. If you can’t access regular water during these hours, then it only puts more pressure on doing it away from the office.

Encouraging your boss to introduce a water supply will help promote greater consumption for both you and your colleagues. A bottle fed water cooler service like Blue Mountain Water will help keep you away from fizzy drinks, which will make a noticeable difference to your life.

It’s not just the employees that will benefit. Increased worker energy and alertness will promote better office productivity. Inform your boss about that and there’s no reason they’d refuse the request.

Eat It

If guzzling cup after cup of water is proving difficult, then there is another way. Water-rich foods like cucumber and melon will help you consume more. Better still, they are healthy foods that will help make you feel full without eating loads of calories.

Ideally, you’d still want to drink as much water as possible. Nonetheless, the eating option is a great supplementary method that can also help your diet.

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