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4 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Without Losing Time

Losing weight requires dedication and often huge lifestyle changes too. People who have extremely busy days may find it difficult to fit a weight loss regime into their lives. When you’re ferrying the kids around or sitting at a desk all day, it’s easy to grab a burger, and hard to find time for a spin class. Fortunately, there are simple ways you can change your lifestyle, without rearranging your life.

1. Portion Control

Source: Holgi

Changing your diet is likely to be necessary if you want to get healthy and lose weight. Much fatburner advice recommends watching what you eat, but not everyone mentions how much you should eat. You may think a handful of nuts is a healthy alternative to a bag of chips, or that a bowl of wholemeal pasta is better than a cheesy pizza. But there’s no point if you’re eating enough for two. If you’re cooking for yourself, cook less. Don’t eat too quickly, to make sure your body has time to recognize when it’s full, and never keep eating once your stomach has had enough.

2. Walk or Bike Everywhere – Or Just Park Farther Away

Source: Ktoine

Perhaps it seems like common sense that walking everywhere will take longer than driving. However, that won’t always be the case. Why sit in traffic, when you could be walking or biking past everyone in their cars? You may find a more direct walking or cycling route that will get you there quicker than driving. If it’s not possible for you to walk or cycle to work (or wherever you’re going), try simply parking a little farther away. A five or ten minute walk is better than spending that time sitting down.

3. Take the Stairs

 Source: Matthew Kang

There’s no need to stop using elevators completely – especially if you often need to go to the 32nd floor. But getting off early or on late gives you the opportunity to jog (or walk sedately) up or down a couple of flights. Even walking just one flight of stairs is beneficial and won’t take much longer than the elevator. When you factor in waiting around for the elevator and other people, you could be much faster walking.

4. Replace Snacks and Unhealthy Drinks

 Source: Colin Henein

Completely cutting out snacks is rather drastic, but you can swap them out for something healthier. Do you sit at your desk all day and usually take lunch and snacks? Pack carrot sticks and a veggie wrap instead of chips and a sandwich filled with five different kinds of meat. Sugary drinks are a big no-no too, and despite the name, diet drinks aren’t much better. Take a water bottle out and about, and get in the habit of keeping it filled.

These tips still require putting in some effort, but you don’t need to change your whole life. Fit losing weight around your life, instead of feeling like losing weight has taken over.

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