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4 Tips for Selecting the Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, a change of diet is as important as increasing physical exercise. Indeed, a majority of people are nowadays resorting to protein powders to assist them in shedding off that extra body fat.

The primary cause of obesity is taking too many calories.  Protein powders contribute to weight loss by acting as a substitute for meals that have high sugar content.

The problem, however, is the availability of several types of protein powders. Since different powders have different functions, it can be difficult to know the best option to assist with weight loss. Regardless, there are stores that exclusively deal with weight loss protein shakes, such as The Good Sort.

The following tips should help you in selecting the best protein powder for weight loss.

Go for Lean Products 

As mentioned above, a high intake of calories causes you to gain weight. These calories mainly come from carbs and fats. When choosing a protein powder for the purposes of weight regulation, you should avoid products that are laced with these two nutrients. Lean protein powders have high concentrations of protein with carbs and fats kept at a bare minimum. Essentially, they lower your calorie intake, thereby contributing to weight loss.

Ideally, the carb and fat content per serving should be less than 3 grams.

Nutritional Preference 

Protein powder would be worthless if its components can potentially have adverse effects on your health. Checking the ingredients used to produce the powder before purchase. For example, a vegetarian should avoid whey protein because it is an animal product. Rather, such individuals should go for soy or hemp protein powders, which are both plant-based.

Also, if you are lactose intolerant, you should keep off whey protein. Gluten, however, is absent in the majority of the available protein powders.

Choose Quality (High Protein per Serving) 

The goal is to get as much protein as possible with every protein shake you take. Nowadays, a considerable number of protein powder manufacturers add several ingredients (to assist with weight loss) with the aim of increasing sales. As it turns out, most of these additions have no meaningful effect on the user. Instead, they only lower the concentration of protein per serving below the recommended range of 20-30 grams.

Taste and Mixability 

It may sound trivial, but nobody wants a protein shake that leaves an awful aftertaste in their mouths. Protein powders have improved significantly over time regarding their taste. In fact, most of them are currently available in a variety of flavors to suit client preferences.

Additionally, the protein powder should be mixable with water or other fluids such as fruit juices and milk. Typically, the mixing is done using either a blender or shaker bottles. It is worth noting that improper mixing can cause you to experience the irritating taste of dry protein powder.


Although choosing the right protein powder will certainly aid you in your efforts to lose weight, that alone is insufficient. Exercising still remains the most important factor if you want to cut your weight.

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