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5 office health hazards and how to avoid them

If you work in an office, it’s likely you consider it to be a fairly safe environment. While this is true to some extent, there could be certain ways in which your job is having a damaging effect on your wellbeing. Poor ergonomics, poor air quality, and lack of natural light are all potential causes of health issues in an office setting. It seems imperative to be aware of any health risks associated with working in an office and take proactive steps to minimize them.

The cleaning and sanitizing of the office space using suitable janitorial products (you can Buy Online Supplies here) can reduce the risk of airborne diseases, while regular dusting improves air quality. Also, incorporating adequate natural lighting into the workspace and using ergonomic furniture can help reduce physical discomfort and fatigue. These are just two widely-adopted methods to minimize office hazards. Now, let’s have a look at more office health hazards and how you can avoid them.


  1. Back pain

Sitting at your workstation for long periods of time can have a huge impact on your back health. Your whole desk setup, from the surface you use to the chair you sit in, are all important and if they’re not up to scratch, you could be doing your spine more harm than good. To ensure you’re sitting correctly, you should use an ergonomic chair (from office monster) that can provide your back with the support it needs. Plus, you should use a desk. Use one that is large enough for you to carry out your daily tasks easily and comfortably. That said, if you need some workstation inspiration, you could browse the products on specialist furniture websites such as Furniture At Work™ or take a trip to your local furniture showroom.

  1. Eye strain

If you spend the majority of your working day staring at a computer screen, you could be putting strain on your eyes. Headaches, blurry vision and itchy or sore eyes are common symptoms of this problem. To prevent this, you should try to rest your eyes regularly throughout the day and adjust the brightness settings on your screen. You should also visit your optician for check-ups to ensure your eyes are healthy and to see if you need glasses or a new prescription.

  1. Slips, trips and falls

In an office environment, it’s likely that you’re surrounded by computer wires and telephone cables, meaning you could be at risk of seriously hurting yourself. To prevent slips, trips and falls from occurring in your workplace, there are a few simple yet effective steps you can follow. For example, you should aim to keep floors clean, dry and clutter-free, wipe up spillages immediately, tidy away trailing cables and keep all walkways clear of obstacles.

  1. Stress

Regardless of your role, stress can affect just about any of us at work. If you’re put under pressure at work, you may start to feel tense, anxious and unhappy. To tackle small stresses, you could try breathing and relaxation techniques. However, if you feel your stress levels are beginning to overwhelm you, you could speak to a colleague you trust or discuss your situation with a senior member of staff.

  1. Bacteria and germs

The truth is, your desk may not be as clean as you think it is. Bacteria and germs are lurking everywhere, and your workstation is no exception. It’s important to keep your work area clean and tidy. In fact, your entire office should be cleaned regularly by professional services similar to Green Facilities (greenfacilities.co.uk), so that you have a hygienic place to work in. Failing to do so could put you at a greater risk of catching common illnesses such as coughs and colds. You should try to refrain from eating at your desk, and make sure you frequently wipe your surfaces down. You could also get into the habit of using antibacterial gel.

Putting some of these suggestions into practice could enable you and your colleagues to enjoy a much safer and healthier office environment.

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