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5 Places that would be the Worst to Clean

At the thought of a spring clean, many people will grimace when thinking about cleaning the toilet, cleaning out the gutters, unblocking drains or removing mould from the bathroom ceiling. Unfortunately, cleaning is a necessary part of life. It is one of those things that just has to be done. Whether you leave it and leave it until it gets so bad that you can’t stand it anymore, it will have to be done sometime to avoid serious problems like mold, which then may require Local Mold Damage Restoration Specialists to come in and remove so that your home is safe to live in once again. Serious grime needs attending to, there is no escaping it!

The stove

Every day the stove top gets a quick wipe over, but to give it a thorough clean inside and out takes a lot of time and hard work. Baked on food spills can become contaminated and dials should be removed to clean behind them. Check the owner’s manual first before using any harsh cleaning products.

Kitchen cabinets

Unseen and out of mind; this is where your kitchen cabinets are. Maybe you have a few decorative pieces up high on the top of the kitchen cabinets. These will usually be coated in a layer of sticky dust before long and the top of the cabinet may, in fact, have an encrusted layer of dust and grime on its surface. Your cabinet insides might also get cleaned rarely. Additionally, if you have wooden cabinets, an unclean surface can attract pests and insects, which can degrade the quality of kitchen cupboards. To avoid such a situation completely, you can consider hiring a pest control company, one similar to Pest Control Experts, to get your kitchen cabinets treated for termites, cockroaches, and other bugs. This will take some effort to clean.

Showers and bathtubs

Many bathtubs and showers have bacteria lurking in them. If left to build up and multiply, these bacteria may cause skin and urinary tract infections. Using a mild shower spray daily or disinfectant can help keep these bacteria under control.


Taps are touched and turned on dozens of times a day. On closer inspection, you may find black mildew growing sneakily around the base of your tap and spout. If you have an aerator on your spout, this should be removed and cleaned. Black mildew can also form on the silicone sealant of the sink, which should be eliminated immediately. In that regard, you may want to look at some of the cleaning-related blogs at Harry Rufus or similar websites to find out how to remove them. Remember that germs love to hibernate and breed in this area and this is where you get your drinking water from! Therefore, this should be cleaned immediately.

Inside the refrigerator

If your leftovers multiply in the rear of the fridge and old fruit and veges turn to mush in their plastic bags, it is probably time for a thorough fridge clean out. Try to avoid using harsh chemicals and wash shelves in a soapy sink. Because of the many shelves and awkward recesses, refrigerators can be a chore to clean.

If you are now sweeping your home with a glance and have a strong mental image of the germs lurking unseen in minute nooks and crannies, it might be best to employ the services of a professional cleaning service such as AMC Cleaning which offer both a professional and home cleaning service. They can design a custom cleaning plan for you and all their staff are police checked and professionally trained. Everyone will agree that cleaning is an unpleasant chore. With many people so time poor, getting a professional clean might be the timesaver you need.

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