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5 Tips for a Stress-Free Camping Trip

A camping vacation really can go either way when it comes to enjoyment and guaranteeing its success is often reliant on how prepared you were before leaving the driveway. The obstacles with camping usually come from the fact that you literally have to pack everything, including food, toilet paper, and beds. To combat this, the below five tips will help you on your way to having a stress-free camping holiday.

1. Use Compact Cooking

Not all camping locations have somewhere to cook and lighting a fire isn’t always a great option. So, to avoid the stress of trying to figure out where to cook your dinner, pack a portable barbeque from somewhere such as BBQ Galore. This is ideal as you can cook anything from eggs and bacon to fish and steak. Just as important to pack is what you’ll be cooking with. Barbeque accessories from brands such as Ziegler & Brown include grilling skewers, silicon mitts and covers – all available to make barbequing in a difficult location simple.

2. Pack Batteries

Although you may be lucky enough to be camping on a powered site, don’t always rely on this. And, if you are well and truly in the wilderness, you are going to need batteries to power all your lights and any other electronic devices. Stock up on all your batteries, in a number of sizes, as you will go through them quickly and it’s better to have too many than not enough and be left fumbling about in the dark.

3. Have Wet Weather Gear

Packing wet weather gear is a must for any stress-free camping holiday. This includes light rain jackets that can be chucked over any outfit, umbrellas, closed in boots, and plenty of warm clothes in case the weather does turn. Wet weather gear also includes having spare tarps at the ready to chuck over your tent if there’s a leak from heavy rain.

4. Play Games

Games can be a great way to overcome boredom, which can be incredibly stressful if having to entertain kids. Cards are an easy item to pack that offer a variety of games to suit any age group, from poker to snap. Board games are also a fun idea for family bonding or to meet other people camping nearby. You could even add a nice twist to the traditional charades or eye-spy by adapting it to your outdoor scenery.

5. Think About Hygiene

Camping does imply getting back to nature, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about basic hygiene. Packing soap, toilet paper, and hand sanitiser are essentials when camping, and will make you feel less anxious about sleeping far away from civilisation. Being amongst nature also means you are more likely to be covered in mud, sand, insects and sweat, so these basic hygiene products become even more important.

Camping might seem like a simple holiday solution, but it is also a trip that has the potential for many stressful and unexpected situations. The best option is to plan for every scenario when choosing tents over hotels.

What have been some of your biggest outdoor disasters? Or what tips have you used in the past to avert a camping crisis? Leave your answers in the comments below.

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