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A Guide to Getting Into an Exercise Routine and Staying Motivated – Guaranteed Results!

If you don’t exercise or haven’t for a while, it can be hard to get into a good routine. Exercise is something that we should all do in one form or another, whether that’s; walking, running, swimming, dancing, weights, or a mixture. Our bodies were made to exercise, not sit on our bums all day and night, piling on the lard and becoming plump. You can try as many excuses as you like when it comes to exercise; I finished work late, I started work early, I’m tired, It’s cold, the dog ate my homework…but none are valid. If you WANT something, you go and get it. Simple! People who make excuses don’t get results, so you need to stop making them and find time to make yourself healthier and happier, ok? Good! Let’s get started…

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Don’t Break Your Habit

As soon as you’ve got an exercise routine/habit going, you’d be silly to break it. Maybe that’s why you’re in this predicament now, or maybe you’ve never had a habit of exercising, either way; the worst thing you can do is stop exercising the moment you get a good excuse. Try to build a habit of exercising and don’t break it.

Reward Yourself For Being Active

Never, ever reward yourself for being active with bad foods such as sweets, chocolate, ready meals, or other refined and man made nonsense. Reward yourself with a nice fruit smoothie, a relaxing bath, or even a fashion/celeb magazine.

Commit To Something For 21 Days

People say that 21 days is all it takes for something to become a habit. Make a commitment to eat well for 21 days, and be active everyday for 21 days. Don’t work yourself silly in the gym every day – that would be ridiculous. Make sure you give yourself rest days, but use them as active rest days by taking a walk.

Keep it Fresh and Fun

If you never enjoy yourself when you’re exercising, you’ll never want to do it, and eventually you’ll stop. Mix up the kinds of exercise you do, challenge yourself by setting goals, and try new things for the best results!

Do it With a Friend

Ideally, you need a really motivated friend to work out with you. If you ask a friend who isn’t motivated and only shows up when they feel like it, you’ll have more of an excuse not to go and more chance of falling off the wagon. Either workout with a friend who wants results, or do it with a group of likeminded people at a bootcamp or class.

Monitor Your Progress

By progress, I don’t mean counting calories and weighing yourself. Ignore the scales, because they can fluctuate from day to day. Instead, take photos, measure yourself, and pay attention to how you’re feeling using an exercise journal. The Nike fuelband Se is a great way to see how active you are! You could even try cholesterol monitoring to see if you’re getting healthier on the inside.

All of these tips will quickly help you to turn exercise into a habit and stay motivated to become healthier and fitter everyday. You only get one life and one body, so make the most of it!

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