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A Guide to Shampoo’s Which Protect Hair Colour

At some point in time, many people are likely to suffer from the consequences of dry hair including flyaways and split ends. These troublesome issues that appear to have no cure can be an instant downer on anyone’s morning.

Although dryness can be a natural state, those who dye their hair are even more at risk of experiencing dryness as chemicals can often alter hair follicles and strip moisture from the hair’s roots. The negative consequences of coloration can be disheartening however there are products that are able to help in restoring fullness and moisture to the hair. Always bear in mind though that these conditions aren’t permanent!

Applying shampoo and conditioner when washing can often feel like an everyday chore. However, these products can drastically affect the state of hair as each brand uses different ingredients and chemicals. They can help in the transition from dry, rigid hair to healthy looking locks!


When searching the cosmetics aisle always select products that suit hair type and colour!

When searching the cosmetics aisle always select products that suit hair type and colour!

TRESemme Colour Thrive

A well-known, premium household brand name, TRESemme claim to be both professional and affordable. This product range includes both shampoos and conditioners available for blondes and brunettes with specialised ingredients according to colour.

The product aims to return the hair back to a natural state, as if it had never been coloured initially. As both customer reviews and advertisement have stated it tackles issues of dryness by adding moisture while prolonging the colour and making roots less visible.

Products tailored to coloured hair are extremely essential if a bright and more vibrant colour has been selected

Products tailored to coloured hair are extremely essential if a bright and more vibrant colour has been selected 

L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Vitamo Colour Shampoo

The key attraction to this product is its ability to remove residue and chemicals that cause the damage during coloration yet managing to maintain the colour for the maximum length of time possible.

A little pricier perhaps than the average shampoo, at approximately £10.00, this product represents the more luxurious side of L’Oreal’s products. However, the Incell Hydro-Resist protects coloured hair from the damaging effects of water helping to enhance shine.

L’Oreal has various shampoo and conditioner ranges that are tailored towards coloured hair. This includes their Hair Expertise Everpure Colour Care & Moisture Shampoo. This product is made to combat dryness in addition preventing colour loss. Ingredients include botanical oils which moisturise the hair and leaves it feeling nourished.

TIGI Bed Hair Colour Combat Colour Goddess Shampoo

A highly recognised salon brand, TIGI has brought forth the ultimate attempt at preventing fading through minimising the effects of UV rays, water and heat. These three factors often cause both hair damage and loss of colour vibrancy and strength.

A central aim of TIGI is to always offer products that enhance volume and vibrancy meaning the shampoo is ideal for those with thinner, less volumised hair. This product comes alongside a leave-in conditioner allowing individuals to maximise protection against damage and fading.


The key to selecting the correct shampoo and conditioner is to assess the condition of the hair and buy specialised products according to the hair’s weak areas, such as colour fading, dryness or lack of volume.

It is impossible to completely erase the damage coloration causes however there are numerous products in the market that successfully attempt to reduce these negative effects leaving hair vibrant and soft!


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