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A List of Reasons Why You Should Stop Smoking NOW

Are you toying with the idea of quitting the cigs, but just can’t think of a good enough reason? Smoking is a terrible habit, and with everything we know about it in this day and age, there’s absolutely no reason for people to continue doing it. To spur you on and make that decision to pack in the fags, this post will give you a list of reasons you should stop smoking this instant:

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Your Family

If you have family that you love and care about, wouldn’t you like to do it for them? You may have kids that you want to see grow up; this might not happen if you continue to smoke. Smoking affects at least 1 in 5 people in the UK when it comes to getting a smoking related illness, and half of all smokers will die early. Even if you don’t have children, you must have other family members you care about. Wouldn’t you like to be there for them? Plus, smoking around them is bad for them too, not just for you! Using an E-cig from www.LastCig.co.uk can help if you’re struggling.

Improved Fertility

If you don’t already have children, think about whether you’d like children one day. If you’re a young, single, 20 something year old, this may be hard for you to consider. However, packing in the fags will improve your fertility and give you more of a chance to have kids. Chances are you’ll meet somebody one day who will make you want to be a parent. Are you willing to risk that for smoking?

Your Future

Do you have hopes and dreams for the future? If not, I suggest you write a bucket list – something you use to write down everything you want to do/see before you die. You might not get to do any of these things if you continue smoking. You only get one life, and one chance to do all of the things you want to do!

Younger Looking Skin

Smoking ages the skin horribly. It makes it look dull, sunken, wrinkled, and just plain older than it is. Do you want to look mid thirties when you’re really mid twenties? Or worse, mid fifties when you’re only in your thirties/forties?

Better Teeth and Oral Health

Smoking makes your teeth go yellow/brown. It rots them, discolours them, and makes your breath stink too. You’ve probably stopped noticing the fact that non-smokers recoil when they have a conversation with you due to your vile death breath. Once you stop smoking, people will be happy to converse with you! You’ll also be able to show off a proud smile to friends, relatives, and in photos because of your new pearly white gnashers.

More Energy

Smoking slowly takes away health, looks, money, and energy. It is good for nothing. This is down to some of the poisonous chemicals cigarettes contain – you may have heard of them; carbon monoxide, acetone and arsenic. Once you quit, you’ll almost instantly find yourself with more energy and a new zest for life.

What could be better for you than quitting smoking? The simple answer, is nothing. Quit now before it’s too late!


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