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Replacement Therapy: 5 Healthy Alternatives To Smoking

Link to image  Quitting smoking is a struggle at the best of times. Trying to quit a habit that you have learnt over a matter of years is never going to be easy. Many people try and go cold turkey. That means that they give up smoking without ever thinking about what to do instead. Only the bravest people should ... Read More »

4 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Without Losing Time

Losing weight requires dedication and often huge lifestyle changes too. People who have extremely busy days may find it difficult to fit a weight loss regime into their lives. When you’re ferrying the kids around or sitting at a desk all day, it’s easy to grab a burger, and hard to find time for a spin class. Fortunately, there are ... Read More »

Bad Foods You Should Try To Avoid This Year

Credit here There are many foods that are bad for us, some more obvious than others. When you walk around your local supermarket, it’s important that you pick up only the most nutritious and fresh products so that your whole family remains fit and healthy. With that in mind, today we’re going to take a quick look at a few ... Read More »

How to eat healthy now that you are pregnant

How to eat healthy now that you are pregnant So, congratulations, you are expecting a beautiful baby boy or girl and it is now the time to start to think about how you can change certain things to ensure your baby develops and is nurtured in the best possible ways. The first thing you should consider is your eating habits ... Read More »

Healthy food facts

It is always said that eating the right kinds of food to get all the nutrients you need is so necessary but this can be hard to do if you don’t know what is in each food.  Eating a variety of foods means that you can get all that you are meant to without topping up on vitamin supplements. Read More »

Do ‘Lose Weight Fast’ Methods Really Work?

Image From Flickr It is the question on everyone’s lips; “Can I really lose weight fast?” and to be honest, there isn’t really a simple answer to that. There are so many different methods, fad diets and workout tips, that it would take us years to try and cover each and every one of them. However, there are pros and ... Read More »

Protein is for slimmers too

Eating a diet high in protein is usually associated with helping people to gain weight, however, protein can also help slimmers lose weight and eating high quality protein is essential to the body’s overall health. In recent years, high protein diets have been favoured to help people lose weight. These diets are considered extreme by some experts, and it is ... Read More »

Dental Implants vs Dentures: Your Guide to a Brighter Smile

If your teeth are looking a little dated, you might be thinking of getting something done about it. You might not know where to get started though, and so you could be stuck between deciding whether you should look at dental implants or dentures. Each of them carries with them particular benefits, as well as downsides, and its important to ... Read More »