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Cycling exercises at low speeds

Indoor cycling workouts vary in intensity when you decrease or increase the levels of speed. Even if the speed is low, your exercise intensity level does not have to be the same.

Low speed exercises can be done for recovery or as a high intensity exercise that will challenge your legs muscles. If you are looking for some variety in your cycling, you might want to add a couple of low speed exercises into your workout routine.

Seated Flat

A seated flat is used as a warm-up, recovery or cool-down phase during any cycling workout. Your pace will be at a low speed during a seated flat, with slow revolutions per minute, where sixty rpm is equal to one pedal per second. This type of pace will help increase blood flow to your legs, which is important, especially in the beginning of your workout.


You will also make use of a low cycling speed, such as sixty to eighty rpms during any hill climb. You will need to begin a hill in the saddle and increase the tension until you feel a burning sensation in your legs. You must maintain this low pace and continue your climb. You can also increase your tension, which will slow down your speed and then gradually transition to a standing climb.


A hover is best described as the position located between standing and seated. Your hands are placed on the handlebar that is the furthest distance away from your seat, and your hips need to be extended so that they hover over the back of your seat. The tension is high because it needs to be able to support the entire weight of your body. It is for this reason that your speed needs to be low as you maintain the pace in your hover.

Single Leg

Low speeds can be used to focus on one leg at a time. Both feet need to remain on the pedals, but you will only concentrate on one leg at a time. As you push down on the pedal, press through your heel and use the muscles at the backs of your legs. Repeat this for the other leg as well.

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