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Dealing with Your Breasts Post-Surgery

Everyone recovers from breast augmentation surgery differently. Each person is an individual and can expect their breast surgery recovery to be as personal to them as the breast augmentation design was.

As well as each person’s person responding differently to surgery, the type of implant, the size and the placement all have an effect on how the recovery process will go.

What to Expect

In the immediate days following surgery on your breasts, you’ll likely experience moderate pain in your chest from the surgery and incisions itself, at this point your chest may be swelled and a little bruised – this is normal. This is also the time where you will be recommended a surgical bra and compression band to minimise the discomfort. You cannot take a shower in the first two days.

After a week, you should be ok to go back to work and partake in light activity, but be careful of your new chest and strenuous movements. You’ll also probably have to go for a post-op checkup with your surgeon.

After two weeks, you will pretty much be back to normal but still need to avoid vigorous exercise. You can also take baths after two weeks.

When you get to six weeks following surgery, you should be at the end of recovery. You can exercise normally, sleep in all positions and go back to wearing your normal bra.

Pain and Stretch Marks

It is completely normal to experience pain in the days post surgery, it will vary depending on your tolerance to pain but it should be easily manageable with prescription painkillers.

If your placement is below the muscle, the pain may be more intense than if you opted for going above the muscle.

Stretch marks are also possible but not common. They usually occur when a large increase in size is done, so bigger implants. If they do develop, laser treatments can minimise their appearance.


The implant is inserted through an incision in your breast, nipple or armpit so a skin cut will have to be made so there will be a wound and a subsequent scar. Although the presence of a scar is a natural aftermath of the insertion of breast implants, it’s reassuring to remember that advances in surgical techniques and post-operative care contribute to minimizing the visibility and impact of such scars over time.

In addition, the cut will be made in a low visibility area such as under the curve, around your nipple or in your armpit so it won’t be as obvious. Your surgeon should be able to recommend appropriate after-care advice on how to minimise the appearance.

Garments to Wear

Your doctor should recommend the correct post-surgery bra, but a compression band is also important to prevent the implant from settling too high up on your chest.

With certain implant styles too, the implant itself is longer than it is wider so a compression band can help to even this out so that the new breast look natural and symmetrical.

Aiding Your Recovery

However your recovery goes, always keep in touch with your surgeon so you can ensure the process is going as planned and as it is supposed to. Follow their instructions to the letter to avoid any adverse side effect from breast augmentation surgery.

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