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Do ‘Lose Weight Fast’ Methods Really Work?

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It is the question on everyone’s lips; “Can I really lose weight fast?” and to be honest, there isn’t really a simple answer to that. There are so many different methods, fad diets and workout tips, that it would take us years to try and cover each and every one of them. However, there are pros and cons to ‘lose weight fast’ methods, which we think everybody should consider. Let’s pick apart some of the most common quick weight loss methods and try to answer that fundamental question.

Fad Diets

From the Dukan to the Juicing diet, and everything in between; there are so many fad diets with more being invented every day. Do they work? Is there an ultimate diet that helps you truly lose all that weight in a week? Not really, no. The problem with diets like this, especially ones that involve some kind of fasting, is that you’re going to almost certainly put the weight back on. Once you’ve given up the diet or taken a day to indulge, that weight is going to hit you faster than when you lost it. Your body goes into starvation mode when it is being limited to certain types of food or certain eating times. When this happens, it begins to store fat in case it never gets to eat anything again. So, if you begin eating normally again, nearly all of that food is going to be stored as fat. If you have the motivation to stick at a diet for the rest of your life then great, but otherwise just concentrate on eating healthy.


This topic is a tricky one, because there are such mixed reviews. However, we can put all the arguments to rest with this one. If you buy supplements through a dodgy ‘get a months free supply here’ link on Facebook then they’re probably not going to work. However, if you buy weight loss supplements from a reputable fitness and nutrition company, you are definitely going to have more luck. There are lots of good herbal supplements that help speed up metabolism and give your weight loss a kick start. Look for specific fat burning supplements that are tailored for weight loss and you’ll start noticing a significant improvement. Remember though, you still need to eat healthily and exercise for these to work. There is no miracle tablet!

Fashionable Workouts

You know the ones we mean; the workouts that hit the headlines. Whether it’s Katie Price losing baby weight or a size zero model maintaining her figure, these fashionable workouts are everywhere. Some are weird and wonderful; others are plain boring. The thing with exercise is this: if you enjoy it, you will lose weight fast. If Yoga is the in thing, but you can’t keep your balance, then don’t bother. If the thought of donning a swimming costume and doing laps has you running for the hills, then run for the hills! Any exercise will only help you lose weight if you enjoy doing it and have the motivation to stick at it.

However you decide to lose weight, remember that is always best to seek the advice of a medical or fitness professional first. If you start losing too much weight too quickly, it can be bad for your health. Always be safe, be fit and be happy!

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