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Electronic cigarettes, StopTober and a life changing opportunity

Over the last few years the UK NHS has been heavily involved in a campaign called StopTober which encourages those using tobacco cigarettes to give up for the month of October for the benefit of their health. It is perhaps no coincidence that the success of StopTober has occurred at the same time as exponential growth in the sale of electronic cigarettes. More and more people are now looking towards StopTober as a means of switching from tobacco cigarettes to their electronic counterparts and indeed over 250,000 people have already signed up for StopTober 2014.

What can StopTober 2014 do for you?

Statistics show that if you are able to abstain from tobacco cigarettes during the month of October then your chances of reducing your intake in the long-term, or indeed eliminating tobacco cigarettes from your life, increase by five times. Yes, if you’re able to give up for one full month the chances of you giving up in the longer term grow enormously!

The idea behind StopTober is fairly simple, a community of individuals looking to reduce their tobacco cigarette intake with some looking for alternatives and others looking to quit forever. Perhaps the strongest element of StopTober is the ability to talk with like-minded people, individuals going through the same feelings and process and to ask questions which others may not be able to answer. Such is the success of StopTober that it is now starting to go global with New Zealand and the Netherlands the latest to take up this very successful idea.

Switching to electronic cigarettes

There has been an enormous increase in the number of electronic cigarette users over the last five years and this is set to continue. All parties agree that further trials are required to clarify the long-term medical implications of electronic cigarettes. However, even the most ardent critics of ecigs readily admit they are at worst less harmful than tobacco cigarettes with some experts suggesting they may well be up to 90% less harmful. So far to date research and trial data has yet to confirm any significant long-term medical side-effects although we await further data in due course.

It would not be unfair to suggest that growth in electronic cigarette sales caught regulators and governments around the world offguard. Indeed European and American regulators are still working on a long-term regulatory framework which would protect customers, expose those offering low quality products while also maintaining access to electronic cigarettes for the wider public. Some experts believe that within a decade we could see more electronic cigarette users in the US than those using tobacco cigarettes today although this may well be a little optimistic in the short-term!


StopTober 2013 helped over 160,000 people abstain from tobacco cigarettes in the month of October with many maintaining this going forward. As we approach the end of week one of StopTober 2014 figures show that in excess of 250,000 people have signed up this year and we are not even halfway through the month.

There are some excellent offers and promotions available in the electronic cigarette market. With more and more people switching from tobacco cigarettes, and the 4000+ toxins associated with the modern day product, it certainly looks as though the electronic cigarette industry will continue going from strength to strength.

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