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Everything You Need to Know About Building Muscle

Building muscle is an important part of any fitness regime. So many people get confused about building muscle, but there’s really no need. It can be quite simple! This guide will help you to understand why muscle needs to be built, and how it’s done most effectively. Enjoy:

Men Building Muscle

When men build muscle, they can get really big. Their muscles protrude, and you can clearly see them even when they’re not flexing. This is because they have a large amount of testosterone, which encourage their muscles to grow larger. It doesn’t usually take men all that long to make progress if they do it properly.

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Women Building Muscle

A lot of women are scared of building muscle, but they shouldn’t be. The way women’s bodies build muscle is completely different to the way men do. Although women grow muscle, it doesn’t get large like men – it simple adds definition to their physique. You can usually only see it when they are flexing, too. Women who do look bigger thanks to the muscle they have acquired will have been training for years, and may even have taken drugs to help them get to that point.

 Calorie Surplus

In order for anybody to build muscle, they need to be in a calorie surplus. How much of a calorie surplus depends on the person, but you can get a rough idea by using a macro calculator. You can then experiment for a couple of weeks and see if you notice any changes. If not, you can alter your macros ever so slightly and monitor those changes too. It’s all about experimenting, monitoring, and finding what works for you. It might seem like a lot of food, but your body is going to need a lot of food to build that muscle!

 Foods to Eat

It isn’t just about getting the right amount of calories, but the right amount of ‘macros’ too. What are macros? Protein, fats, and carbs. Lots of protein is needed to build and maintain muscle. Carbs are especially important for energy, and consuming healthy fats can help the body to burn fat. It’s all very important. Supplements like whey protein can help you if you struggle to consume enough each day.

 The Right Rep Range and Intensity

Usually for a body to build muscle, you need to be in between the 8-15 rep range. 3-4 sets. However, this will also depend on your body type and how it responds to stimuli. You’ll need to experiment and monitor to see what works best for you. Usually, you can bet that as long as you’re challenging yourself and you have good form, you’ll build muscle.

 Keeping Fat Off

Putting fat on can be an issue as you’re in a calorie surplus. As long as you’re careful and you do a few cardio sessions per week, you should be able to keep fat to a minimum.

This is the easiest way to understand muscle and how building it works. Good luck!

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