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Exploring the World of Female Body-Builders

For some people, those seriously buff beefcake lads border a little bit too much on having gone too far with their muscle-building regimes, although they themselves will admit to the fact that that’s exactly what they’re going for — the so-called “freaky” look. I mean that’s what the body-building competitions are all about — showcasing something which clearly took professional-level commitment to achieve. If it looks a bit freaky on the lads then you can only imagine how freaky it looks on women, but the world of female body-builders is a rather intriguing one nonetheless.


The Irrational Fear of Over-Doing It

Most ladies who engage in any form of exercise target more “feminine” outcomes with their fitness goals, like perhaps firming up in what they believe to be the “vital” areas. When most of these ladies come across images of lady body-builders, they often get sent into a timid state in which they develop a rather irrational fear of packing on too much muscle or getting too ripped to the point that lad-like veins pop out, but it is indeed an irrational fear because it takes a colossal effort for females to pack on half as much muscle as the lads do, even through heavy resistance training. In short, you can never become like a female bodybuilder if you don’t make a sustained effort to do so, sacrificing a whole lot of your time and fighting the forces of nature which work very hard to keep you as “feminine-looking” as you are.

A Truly Amazing Feat

Look, guys naturally produce much higher levels of testosterone than women, as the name of the hormone suggests, so guys have a major advantage over any lady who’d want to become a bodybuilder. Lads still have to put in a colossal effort in the gym if they want to bulk up however, complemented with an appropriate muscle building nutritional plan that often involves the ingestion of supplements. So you can only imagine the amount of work a woman has to put in, in order for her to reach a point where they start turning heads as a bodybuilder.

So one can only respect female bodybuilders for their commitment, amongst many other things and you know what? Many lads cannot help but look twice at female bodybuilders and amidst all the impressively sculpted, toned and defined muscles, still manage to somehow extract a bit of femininity. It’s a “You punch like a girl, but I really want you to punch me” scenario, if you know what I mean and although they’re big and bulky muscles, they’re still lady muscles.

So no, female bodybuilders aren’t doomed to a lonely life with an unusually large number of pet cats strewn all across their living rooms and although it does take a lot of time and effort to resemble anything like a bodybuilder, there’s definitely some incentive for those ladies who choose that path.

Either way, the world of female bodybuilders is a rather intriguing one which is growing faster than what the average person may think.

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