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Feeling Low? The Major Signs Of Depression

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Depression is one of the biggest issues in the western world. Most people will suffer from depression at one stage during their life, yet few people talk about the issue. That means that many people think they are the only person in the world to suffer from depression. The mental illness causes people to feel down and lose any interest in life. That often causes people to give up on their daily activities and hide away from the world. In severe cases, people may turn to suicide. It is important that you notice the symptoms of depression in yourself or the people around you. Here are some of the major signs of depression.

Antisocial tenancies

When a person is feeling low, he or she will likely avoid seeing others. If you or a friend used to be sociable but now stay in rather than socializing, there may be a problem. Depression causes people to shy away from social situations. People want to hide away from the world and have a lack of interest in seeing others. It sometimes can be observed that people with mental health conditions like depression find it difficult to interact with a social environment. Due to barriers like fear, exhaustion, and lack of financial support, they are unable to function fully on an equal basis with others. This condition is known as a psychosocial disability. These days, there seems to be disability coaching, coordination, and counselling provided to people who are suffering from this condition, by agencies such as goal coach, to help them live a good life.

Change in appetite

Depression changes a person’s relationship to food. Usually, people who are down will lose their appetite completely and start losing weight at an exceptional rate. People can also start overeating, though, when they suffer from depression. Any change in the way people eat or their appetite could be a sign of depression. It is important to seek help if you think a friend might be suffering from depression. If somebody has depression, this could impact their Medicare insurance eligibility. It is important that you notice the changes that could mean somebody has depression.

Over-sleeping or not sleeping enough

When a person has depression, their sleep pattern will change in a drastic way. Sleeping during the day tends to be a common sign of depression. People often sleep when they are feeling down. They see no reason to get out of bed because they have nothing to do during the day. When somebody’s sleeping pattern changes, this is always cause for concern and the person should see a doctor as soon as they can.


People often think that depression just makes you sad. It doesn’t. When you suffer from depression, you tend to lose all your emotions. That means that you might stop feeling anything at all. People often become numb as a coping mechanism. That means that people are not always sad when they feel down. In fact, they might feel nothing at all.

Wild or irrational actions

Sometimes depression sufferers act out for attention when they feel bad. People often don’t know how to deal with a mental problem, and so struggle when it comes to getting help. People might make wild or irrational decisions as a cry for help when they have depression. That means that subconsciously the depressive person is trying to tell you that they need help. If somebody starts behaving in a way that does not suit their character, you need to question this. It could be that the person is trying to reach out, but doesn’t know how to do so.

Low energy

When somebody has depression, they will lose their energy. This symptom relates to their change in sleep pattern and lack of interest in things. When somebody has little energy to do their daily tasks, something is wrong. When people over-sleep, they often have low energy because their body has had too much rest. If you or a friend starts to suffer from low energy, there may be an underlying reason for that. See a doctor as soon as you can and find out what is wrong.

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