Tuesday , 23 July 2024
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Get in Shape and Win a Trip to Ibiza

While you’ll still battling the winter blues, summer tends to creep up so quickly that you don’t even have time to think about getting your body physically ready for the great outdoors and all the fun you can have under the sun. Hitting the beach is an activity which makes for a particular favourite amongst those of us who’d rather not have to endure even a single day of the cold season, but all that winter hibernating and filling up on all sorts of winter dishes to help keep warm comes back to haunt us when summer creeps up on us. That summer beach body you know you have is hidden under all the winter calories and even some guilty pleasures you perhaps knew you’d have to “pay for” eventually, one way or the other.


Getting into shape when you have some time on your hands to plan, tweak and adjust your workout plans is hard enough as is, only getting compounded by what is in a sense now an urgent need to chisel out a beach-worthy body because you want to hit the beach. You know all too well that it’s about way more than just looking good though. A body which looks good and healthy on the outside is often just a mirror of what’s going on inside, but nobody’s complaining about the visual appeal a beautifully sculpted body affords onlookers and admirers.

If you can dedicate the next 30 days to honouring a fitness challenge, then 30 days is all it can really take to sculpt, tone and build a body you’ll be truly proud of. MaxiNutrition is holding a competition to see who makes the biggest gains (or losses) on their quest to get into better shape. The MaxiNutrition 30 Day Ibiza Challenge presents the perfect opportunity to get into shape at perhaps the quickest pace you may have ever managed in your life, in a safe, fun and healthy way. If you sign up for the challenge, your presentation of a “before” picture will provide you with the added incentive to hold yourself accountable and to put in the required effort to achieve your set out fitness goals. What this also does is enter you into a competition to possibly win a VIP trip to the Spanish Island of Ibiza, where you’ll have the freedom of the (is)land to show off your newly acquired summer body.

This is some serious business. You can bring along two of your friends if you win and you’ll also have £500 spending money in your pocket, while your travel fare and accommodation is all taken care of as part of the prize.

Don’t waste a single day further – you have 30 days to make two important things happen, getting yourself back into shape and putting yourself in line for an exotic Mediterranean getaway. Full nutritional plans and exercise regimes are available to everybody who signs up for the challenge, backed by the expert knowledge of a rapidly growing authority in the production of exercise, sports and dietary supplements: MaxiNutrition. Click here for entry details.

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