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Healthy food facts

It is always said that eating the right kinds of food to get all the nutrients you need is so necessary but this can be hard to do if you don’t know what is in each food. ¬†Eating a variety of foods means that you can get all that you are meant to without topping up on vitamin supplements.

You should definitely make a meal plan and include in this plan some foods more than others. Some of these foods can even help protect you against minor and serious illnesses in the near future and later in life. The following healthy food facts tell you all that you need to know and means you can buy the right items. Combining a healthy diet with natural balance food snacks can ensure you get the right amount of each food type a day.


You can have just one cup of broccoli a day and you will be getting double your recommended amount of vitamin C. In addition to this, it also contains indole-3-carbinol and sulforaphane which is said to help prevent against breast cancer.

Sweet potatoes

I bet you didn’t know that sweet potatoes are actually the most nutritious vegetable that you can eat. They help to protect against heart disease and various cancers! The ingredients that help to do this are vitamin B6, iron, antioxidants and dietary fibre.


This super food contains the ingredients zeaxanthin, carotenoids and lutein. These are great for protecting against macular degeneration and other diseases centered around visual impairment. Calcium and vitamin K are also present in spinach which makes for healthy bones and helps the blood clot properly.


Although garlic might give you a stinky breathe, the benefits are more than worth it. It contains components that help reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and prevents against types of cancer. Garlic has other important vitamins like vitamin C, iron, calcium and potassium.


Antioxidants clears your body of bad toxins and blueberries have lots of them. They also are great to reduce the signs of aging and are anti-inflammatory.]


Raisins have plenty of iron which makes them ideal for keeping your blood healthy. If you eat them regularly, you are reducing your chances of anemia and high blood pressure. They have other vitamins that keep you working properly too like potassium, selenium and vitamin A.


Tomatoes contain more vitamin C than any other vegetable so you should ensure that you are getting lots of them in your diet. They also have plenty of lycopene which is important in guaranteeing a healthy prostate.


Lentils contain almost the full recommended daily allowance of folic acid and this is just in one cup. They have lots of iron, protein and they help to keep your heart healthy because they contain a massive 8 grams of fibre per portion.


You should make salmon an important part of your diet because it contains lots of that important omega-3 fatty acid which help to keep your brain and heart healthy. It can also help prevent you getting serious disease in later life including Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

Skimmed milk

Make sure that it is skimmed milk that you add to your coffee and tea as it has calcium and vitamin D to promote strong bones. It also has vitamin B2 and vitamin A to ensure good vision.

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