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Helpful Tips For Dealing With Insomnia Naturally

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It’s three in the morning, and no matter what you do, you can’t seem to sleep. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Insomnia and other sleep problems affect more people than you realise. You may not believe it, but each night around 55 percent of people struggle to get to sleep.

With increasingly hectic work schedules and family lifestyles, it is no wonder that more and more of us are stressed out and struggling to get to sleep.

Of course, the easiest solution would be to invest in a packet of sleeping pills. But, are sleeping pills the right way to go – do you really want to have to rely on drugs to get you to sleep each night? No, then have a read below.

For all our best tips to beat insomnia naturally and get a good nights sleep, have a read of this.


1. Burn off some energy

To get a good night’s sleep, it is vital that you are regularly exercising and burning off some unused energy.

Take time out of your day to take part in some form or cardiovascular exercise. Such as swimming, running, cycling, or playing sports. However, make sure not to do any vigorous exercise just before you go to bed, as this can keep you up.


2. Avoid caffeine

Anyone who loves their lattes and cappuccinos will know that caffeine is a stimulant and a strong one at that. Drinking coffee or other caffeinated drinks, such as tea and energy drinks too close to when you go to bed can keep you awake.


3. Meditate

An hour before going to bed, take a few minutes out to meditate or do some meditational exercises like yoga or Pilates. Doing calming, meditational activities will help to reduce your stress levels, calm you down and help you to sleep better.

Make sure to stop drinking caffeinated drinks at least four hours before you plan on going to bed. If possible, try using some cannabis-based products such as CBD capsules or oil (which you can source from sky high dispensary) before going to bed. If you are considering using such products, you might want to speak with your doctor first. In the case, your doctor recommends CBD oil to treat your sleep disorder, be sure to ask them how much to take. This is because it is believed that CBD can reduce anxiety and increase sleepiness when administered at certain doses.


4. Create a comfortable place to sleep

Perhaps you are struggling to sleep because your bedroom is not as comfortable as it could be – think about how you could change this.

To make your bedroom more comfortable, you could invest in a new mattress, have a look online for comfortable king size mattresses. You could also invest in new bed linen, blackout curtains, ear plugs, and anything else that will make you more comfortable.


5. Relax before bed

Once you have meditated, spend some more time relaxing. Get into a pre-bedtime routine that allows you to relax and settle down.

About an hour before you go to bed take a relaxing, hot bath. To help relax you, add a few drops of lavender oil to your bath before getting in and letting any stresses or worries float away as you start to relax.

After your bath get into your pajamas and get into bed. Set yourself a period to sit and relax – listen to calming music or read a book. Do whatever it is that helps you to unwind.

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