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How Drinking Water Makes You Healthier

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For some reason drinking five litres of water a day – the required amount – is never easy. If it was drinking five litres of fizzy drinks a day or five litres of beer that would be a different matter, but water just never seems to go down as well. It probably has something to do with the taste. As it is quite bland, you never feel your body craving a glass of water unless you have just been for a ten mile run of course. Despite this, it is integral to our bodies and our diets as the health benefits are enormous. Just by switching to water even over juice you will soon see the results of a healthier lifestyle. If you don’t believe me just look at these proven health benefits of drinking more water.

Everyone wants to look their best because it is almost a prerequisite of humanity. Whether you are just popping out to the shops or you are going out on the town, there is no better feeling than looking in the mirror and thinking, ‘I look amazing’! If there is a reason out there why you should drink more water, it is this one. Water aids weight loss as it boosts the metabolism so any meals you eat will burn off quicker. Plus, water also has a psychological effect as it makes you feel full, allowing you can cut down on the dreaded snacks.

 To lose weight you also need to exercise and water is a great way to facilitate your workouts. When you work out, especially in hot weather, you need water to keep your body hydrated as it allows it to run efficiently and effectively. When you exercise you sweat so you have to replace these fluids if you have any dreams of completing a marathon style run or any high-intensity workloads as water maintains your fluid balance and prevents fatigue.

 It isn’t just about weight loss because drinking more water also has health benefits that are useful to help maintain anyone’s body, regardless of your agenda. To put it bluntly, water makes you go to toilet a lot more proficiently, so to speak, than before as the fluid dissolves fats and fibres that are integral for your digestion.

If this is all a little bit boring let’s liven things up. You might like a drink every now and again, who doesn’t? Well, beer is bad for you but by switching to spirits and adding a bit of water or soda water you will see the benefits in no time. But this doesn’t mean you are not in for a banging headache and a hangover that could slay a grizzly bear. Don’t worry though, just pop to the cupboard for a couple of bottles of the good stuff because water takes the edge off. This is actually a great reason to sign up for weekly water bottle deliveries!

What’s the most important benefit? It boosts your mood and everyone knows there is nothing worse than feeling sad and miserable. So, after this there is really nothing stopping you from a few extra glasses of water a day.


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