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How To Change Your Life For The Better And Actually Succeed

When it comes to changing your life for the better, just the thought of all the changes you need to make can put you off even trying. You need to give up this food and exercise more in that way. The advice you can find can be completely overwhelming, especially when you know you have got into some bad habits over the years. Some of the best advice is now suggesting changing one thing. That change need not be big. It may be a tiny thing. And it definitely doesn’t mean you have to give up some of your bad habits completely. Maybe just cut down a little…

If you live on caffeine, you probably already know how it can dehydrate you and interfere with your sleeping. The trouble is, we need to be high energy all the time, and copious quantities of caffeine are pretty much the only way to get to that point! In your first week of changes, swap out your last coffee of the day for a fruit or herbal tea. You can buy them from places online, including In your second week, swap out the one before lunch as well. Gradually, you may find the tea habit starts to take over the coffee. Next you need to find other ways to get that energy level back up.


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Yoga is widely thought of as a great way to relax and unwind. The breathing techniques are certainly a great way to regain your focus. These same breathing techniques, and many of the poses are actually designed to improve your posture and raise your energy levels. The improved posture means your energy and circulation can flow better, and the breathing helps the oxygen to flow around your body and into your brain. Not only does your body feel energized but your mind feels clear, focussed and ready to take on the day. All exercise improves your metabolism, making your body more efficient without the need for caffeine and other stimulants. Book into one class per week to start. Next we need to look at nourishing that body!

Your body needs certain nutrients every day to regenerate and function. Fibre is really filling and aids your digestion to stop you feeling bloated and tired. Calcium will keep your bones strong, so you can work harder in your workouts. Protein will keep the muscles strong enough to support those bones and your general posture. These are the three areas of diet that are neglected most when we try to eat healthily. Fruits and veg are great but only in very high quantities do they give us these three nutrients.

Add whole grains to your diet this week by swapping out one meal. It could be that you pick a whole wheat sandwich. Or you may cook with brown rice for your evening meal. Just one change once per day can bring about enormous differences. Add another change each week, and see how you get on. Not everything works, so just swap it for something else instead.

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