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How to cycle in winter

You do not need to put away your bike when winter comes. Cycling during the winter months can be just as exhilarating as it is in summer. This is especially true if you live in the city and hardly ever have the opportunity to do workouts outdoors. Riding a bike in icy conditions can be rather tricky and even dangerous at times.

You should never assume that cycling in winter is the same as it would be in summer. You definitely need to prepare yourself and bike for the icy conditions on the roads.


Getting the correct tires can make all the difference. Studded tires ensure that you slip less when cycling. The more studs on the tire, the better traction it will have. These types of tires are higher in price, but are of a higher quality as well. It is common for tires to have at least one hundred studs, but you can find tires with up to two hundred and forty studs.


You need to brake slowly. If you suddenly brake on the ice, your bike will slide around and you will more than likely end up falling. Start braking a few meters before you know you have to stop. Use both brakes at the same time to keep control over your bike.


If you have the clip less type of pedals, try to change to flat ones instead. Your feet are going to be what helps you stop a fall if you do slip on ice, so you need them to be unobstructed.

Sit down

Stay sitting down on your seat. It is not recommended that you stand on the pedals to ride, because this affects your center of gravity and makes it much more of a job to ride on slippery surfaces.

Tips and Warnings

If there is fresh snow on the ground, you should try and ride over it. Snow provides much more traction and is a lot less slippery than flat iced up surfaces.

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