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How to eat healthily at work

Do you struggle to eat healthily at work? Many people find that while they can eat healthily at home, it all goes out of the window once they get to work. This is often caused by added temptation, as well as stress and peer pressure. However, there are some simple tips which can help you to eat healthily in the workplace.

Tip 1: Organise your work diet

As with most things in life, it is easier to eat healthily if you prepare what you are going to eat in advance. Creating a meal plan is a very good idea as you can then work out which days you are busier and aim to create quick, healthy meals the night before. The one advantage work gives you is a regular routine, which means that planning your lunch and snacks is actually quite easy. You will usually know what times meetings will be held and when you will have time to eat.

Tip 2: Don’t eat at your desk

If you find you often eat at your desk while you work then this is something you should aim to change. When you eat without acknowledging that you’re eating, you don’t know when you’re getting full. This can cause you to overeat and take more food into work than you need to and will also increase the chances of you eating more snacks throughout the afternoon.

Tip 3: Take healthy snacks to work

Snacks are important as they help to keep your energy levels up in between meals, but you need to ensure you are eating healthy snacks and not sugary or salty ones. Fruit is a great example and there are even companies who specialise in delivering fruit to the workplace. Other healthy snacks include nuts, carrot sticks and hummus. You can benefit from office fruit deliveries courtesy of, why not try and convince your boss to provide healthy snacks? It is proven that healthier staff work more productively, so by providing you with healthy food options, they will ultimately be increasing their profits.

Tip 4: Team up with a colleague

Remember that you’re never completely alone – there’s bound to be at least one other person in the workplace who also wants to eat healthy. Teaming up with them will make it a lot easier to stick to healthy eating at work. As well as making new friends, it will also give you increased motivation to get fit.

Tip #5: Store healthy snacks in the office

It’s possible you may forget your healthy food some days, so to resist straying from your healthy diet, make sure you keep a stash of healthy non-perishable foods at work. Being prepared for emergencies is one of the best ways to avoid falling off the healthy eating wagon.

There will be days when you give in to temptation; this is understandable and the best thing to do is continue healthy eating the day after. Don’t be too strict; allow yourself some treats, just don’t go overboard with them.

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