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How to save money on getting fit

So, you want to get fit, but you think that it will cost a lot of money to get to where you want to be? You are not 100% correct, as there are ways to get fit and save money doing so. Follow this advice and start saving today!

Get fit outside for free
If you are interested in playing tennis, find your nearest free court online at If you play during peak-times, the tennis court hire can cost 10 on average, while playing for free can save you 520 in one year’s time if you only play once a week.

Stay local
Membership at a chain gym can end up costing you over 550 a year. It may also be worth checking out what local leisure centre’s have on offer. One advantage of using local gym facilities is that you are often able to pay per visit. This is great for anyone who does not want to sign up for a monthly gym membership

Discount codes
There are discount codes for pretty much everything nowadays; not just restricted to saving 10% off a restaurant bill. You can get money off sporting gear if you look online – check out the great sports direct discounts at netvouchers to see the deals they have on a variety of different sports equipment and clothing

Cut down on the cost of your gym membership
If you want to become a regular at the gym this year, then you need to think about how you could cut down on the cost of a membership before you join. Some employers will offer their staff discounted membership at certain health clubs and certain companies such offer reduced rates for over 55s. Many gyms will also offer you a cheaper membership if you agree to go at certain times of the day.

Take advantage of a free trial
Most gyms & fitness clubs offer a free one-day guest pass and many other companies allow members to bring a friend or family member with for a free trial. Spend one day at a fitness club and then decide if it is the place for you. It might also give you a kick-start to a healthy new way of live even if you do not join.

Save money at the swimming pool
Everyone knows that swimming is a great way to exercise. It is very good for both muscular and cardiovascular fitness. Choosing to go swimming at a local pool will give you more value for your money and it is free in most areas for people over the age of sixty. That being said, make sure you choose a good public pool for swimming. Look for a swimming club that takes the help of a local Pool Service to clean the pool regularly. This can help you access a clean pool without the worry of contracting any disease. Apart from that, you can contact your local authority to find out more about the cost of swimming and the location of your nearest pool. This video below shows a great swimming workout for beginners:

Exercise at home
If you are looking for a full workout, but do not like the idea of going to a gym, then why not buy an exercise bike or cross-trainer to use at home. Check to see where you can get the best prices for home gym equipment. Make sure that you buy a good quality machine that will last for a long time.

Get on your bike!
Cycling is a wonderful way to get fit, and if you ride to and from work it will also save you money. A great way to save on the cost of a new bike is through a salary-sacrifice scheme. This means that you give up part of your salary and your company covers the cost of a bike. Doing it this way can actually end up saving you money on the cost of you new bike, and there are often tax benefits for taking part in it too.



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