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How to Start Lifting Weights: For Women

If you’re a woman looking to start lifting weights, then you’re obviously one of the smart ones. Lifting weights is amazing for our overall health. It builds muscle, which helps to keep us strong and burn fat; plus, it fights off many illnesses and diseases in the process. Lifting weights can be daunting, but it’s so liberating once you start. Read on to begin on this exciting fitness journey:

Find a Program You Like the Sound Of

There are lots of programs online, which are perfect for beginners. You don’t have to go and research all of the exercises yourself and then put yourself a program together at first if you don’t want to; you can simply find a free program on or find an online personal trainer.

Look Up Exercises You Aren’t Sure Of

There will probably be exercises that you aren’t sure of in your program. I like to look on Youtube when I’m not sure of something, and I find lots of explanations from different people which helps to give me an overall picture of what I should be doing. Alternatively, a personal trainer may be able to give you a few quick tips, like those at a gym in Rotheram, for instance.

Make Sure You Know How to Practice Proper Form

In exercise guides, sometimes the proper way to do it will be explained. In others, you’ll need to go and research the exercise yourself. Make sure you know how to practice proper form. This usually involves keeping a straight back, and making sure you don’t lock your arms or knees. Always make a conscious effort to keep the correct form in the gym. Never, ever sacrifice form for weight. You’ll hurt yourself, and you’re only cheating yourself out of muscle gains!

Be Confident (Even if You Aren’t)

It can be hard to take those first steps towards the weight rack, especially if it’s full of a bunch of grunting men. The key is to pretend that you’re confident and an expert at what you’re doing, even if you aren’t. Fake it till you make it! I was scared at first, but I soon realised that I know more than most of the males there.

Challenge, But Don’t Hurt Yourself

The weights you use should be challenging. Very light weights aren’t going to do anything at all, despite what you’ve read in women’s fitness magazines. The last couple of reps should be difficult, but you should be able to complete them. The key is to challenge yourself, but not to hurt yourself. Give yourself a minute in between sets to recover and perform your next set properly.

Record Your Progress

You can’t start lifting weights without recording your progress. I love seeing just how far I’ve come, especially when I smash a new personal best. It’s also helpful at times when you might not be sure what kind of weight is suitable for a new exercise, as you can gauge it from there.

By making sure you push yourself, you can make an incredible transformation with weights. Include various forms of cardio and stretching, along with a balanced diet to get the best body you’ve ever had!

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