Thursday , 22 February 2024
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Let an expert dentist Navan restore the life and fullness to your smile

Putting on a brave face

 With dental services from a trusted and reputable dentist Navan being harder to achieve than ever before over the last year, many patients have found their oral wellbeing and health to have lessened. This is perfectly understandable, given the pressures that a great number of patients have been under throughout the ongoing pandemic.

As the end draws ever-closer however, now is the ideal time for anyone who thinks their oral health has slipped over the last year to contact a trusted and reputable dental practice.

By booking yourself in for a consultation you can make sure that your teeth are given the professional level of attention they need, and – if any signs of infection or disrepair are noted – they will get you on track to retosting your smile to its full and former glory.

What can a dentist do for me?

Many people, when they consider dentistry, limit their imagination to treatments that are purely ‘responsive’ such as treating an infection or decay after it’s already happened. However, in reality this is purely one aspect of dentistry as many procedures are carried out in a preventative or restorative manner.

These include cosmetic dentistry treatments – which primarily aim to treat one or more cosmetic/visual problems the patient has with their teeth, and treatments such as dental implants – which aim to restore and fix any gaps within the patient’s smile on a permanent basis.

All good, trustworthy dental practices begin every treatment they provide with a consultation. These exist primarily for the dental practitioner to get a firm grasp on the amount of work that the patient needs, and gives the patient an opportunity to detail exactly why they are looking for cosmetic dental treatments.

What types of treatments count as ‘cosmetic’ dentistry?

There is often some confusion amongst patients as to why counts as ‘cosmetic’ dentistry, and why. Generally, as a rule, any dental treatment which has been designed purely with the intent on treating a physical or superficial problem would be considered a cosmetic dentistry procedure.

As you could imagine, this covers a wide range of different treatment and methodologies. This is why it’s always a good idea to speak with a professional cosmetic dentistry expert before beginning any one treatment. This is because they may suggest treatment routes and options that the patient had never considered before.

Below are some of the most commonly requested forms of cosmetic dentistry which dental practitioners regularly carry out:

  • Dental whitening
  • Veneer treatment
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • White fillings

Often, when a patient seeks out the help of an expert cosmetic dentistry specialist they have one specific treatment in mind. However, during the initial consultation – when they are voicing their concerns and rationale behind seeking treatment – they can often be swayed towards another treatment or a combination of both.

Given the nature of cosmetic dental work, no two cases are ever the same – and no two patients ever share the same experience. What is consistent however is the positive and uplifting effect htat seeking cosmetic dental treatment from a reputable provider can bring.

Anyone who is interested in seeing what cosmetic dental treatments they could be eligible for should contact a trusted dental practitioner today and begin their journey towards a healthier, cleaner and fresher looking smile.

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