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Liposuction: Even Fit People can benefit

The Alarming Obesity Epidemic in America

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reportsan alarming rate of obesity in the adult population of the US, 35% of people over the age of 20 years are obese. If you look at numbers that are overweight and obese, this percentage rises to unprecedentedlevels of 69%. This situation shows that adults in America do not pay attention to their fitness and exercise needs. The American diet that is high on fast food and sugar has led to an obesity epidemic.

According to Forbes, liposuction isthe fourth most popular cosmetic procedure, this fat reduction surgery makes it to the top ten lists every year, more and more people choose this route as a means of losing unhealthy fat deposits.

Liposuction-Not Just for Weight Loss

Liposuction is traditionally associated with fat reduction, in very obese or overweight people. It has been long touted a quick-fix way of getting rid of fat. But this popular view of the surgery is limited; liposuction can also benefit people who are not obese or overweight. How? You ask, simple, healthy people who have managed to combat their weight loss issues through exercise and diet often find that a couple of pounds keep them away from their desired weight goals. Or some people are able to lose fat overall from their body but a few problem spots still trouble them. For such areas, liposuction is needed because those fat deposits are not likely to melt away on their own.

Remaining Healthy and Losing Weight

It is a bad idea to resort to extremes when trying to lose weight. We understand that those stubborn pounds do not melt away easily, but most people think of short term goals and forget that starving yourself leads to harm andwill give you diseases that will eventually catch up with you. The negative effects of severely restricting your diet are devastating and you will end up facing health issues such as:

Severe nutritional deficiencies



Heart and cardiovascular problems

Weak immune system

Likely to get infections

Wound healing slows down

Surgical Fat Reduction

If you area at a loss when it comes to your fat loss efforts, never fear; in some casessurgical procedures are the best option. There is nothing dire about these, the techniques have been perfected in these modern times. These surgical procedures do not take very long, they are usually outpatient procedures and the healing period is about seven days. If you are worried about scars then you need to read up on the latest techniques, the risk of scars is very low.

Getting Rid of Stubborn Fat through Liposuction

You have followed a healthy diet and exercise regime but still have a few unseemly fat layers keeping you from looking your best. In a situation like that many people opt toget rid of exercise-immune fat deposits by getting liposuction. It might sound a bit scary but liposuction techniques have been vastly improved over time. Highly qualified surgeons use a technique known as the “tumescent technique“, this new technique has the following advantages:

More efficient

Less bleeding occurs during the procedure

Improved cosmetic results

Recovery time after the procedure is short

If you have tried again and again to perfectly sculpt those pesky trouble spots and have failed so far, you need to look to other convenient ways. Fat deposits are not good for your body and if they won’t come off with regular diet and exercise then it is time to look at liposuction.

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