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Make Your Own Healthy Frozen Yogurt: The Easy Way

Frozen yogurt companies make a ridiculous amount of money. This isn’t because their product is the best out there; it’s simply because they only offer enormous tubs to pour your own yogurt into. This means a lot of people serve themselves up an expensive (and calorific) portion. I’m a firm believer that all things are better when you make them yourself at home. Not only will you save money, you won’t be as tempted to overeat. It’s also much better for you! Follow these instructions to create your own frozen yogurt the easy way:

 Frozen yogurt is different to ice cream because of the slight difference in ingredients. Rather than using milk and cream as many ice cream companies do, frozen yogurt is made using yogurt instead. This makes the dessert healthier wherever you buy it. It’s still healthier when you make it yourself at home though! You may even find that by replacing ice cream with this, you can better control your weight.

 The easiest recipe I’ve ever come across to make frozen yogurt is as follows:

 Take some full fat plain yogurt.

 It’s that easy! Unbelievably, that recipe tastes fresh and fruity, as the sugar enhances the natural flavours of the ice cream.

 Now, you don’t have to stop there when creating your tasty frozen yogurt. You can add more flavours if you like. You can add all kinds, from orange zest to grated ginger. You’ll want to grate it into your yogurt, leave for a few hours, and then mix it up. If there are now chunks in your yogurt, you can strain them out before you churn to avoid any strange textures.

 There are things you can mix in, such as wine or jam. Depending on how strong you want your mixture to be, you can add as much or as little as you like. I usually like to be bold when I’m adding ingredients like this.

 If you want to leave your yogurt as it is, you can always add a few toppings instead of mixing in any other flavours. Fruits such as cherries taste lovely. However, so does a drizzle of olive oil! Just try it and you’ll see. You could even add a handful of your favourite chopped nuts.

 The thing to remember when flavouring your yogurt is that you should try to balance out the different textures and things. For example, you may want mixtures of sweet and tart, or milky and fruity. These balance each other out perfectly.

 There aren’t really any rules to creating frozen yogurt though, so there’s no harm in using your imagination and creating something spectacular.

 It won’t take much practice for you to get this right. Simply follow these instructions and you’ll have a healthier after dinner treat to enjoy. What ingredients will you use in your frozen yogurt concoction? Leave a comment!

 Photo taken from Flickr

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