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Need to Know Facts About Weight Loss Surgery

Losing weight is incredibly difficult. For some, weight loss through exercise or dieting is not fast enough, and for others, it simply isn’t possible. When is it time to think about weight loss surgery? Although it isn’t to be taken lightly, for many it can be the best hope they have of losing large amounts of weight. If you’re considering weight loss surgery to tackle obesity, you need to think about the surgeries available and what they involve.

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Gastric Bypass

In gastric bypass surgery, the surgeon creates a “new stomach” with a stapling device. This is a smaller pouch created from your stomach that will reduce the amount you are able to eat. Then the surgeon will split the small intestine in two and connect the lower portion to the new stomach pouch. Gastric bypass surgery is a drastic procedure, which you should only consider as a last resort. The risks of surgery can be higher when combined with weight issues and weight-related health issues.

Gastric Band and Gastric Balloon

The laparoscopic gastric band is a less invasive procedure than other stomach surgeries. It can be reversed and has less risk of complication than other procedures. The surgeon uses keyhole surgery to attach a band to the stomach, making a smaller pouch. This lessens your food intake and also slows down the passing of food through your stomach. The band can then be adjusted using a port under the skin, without further surgery.

To put it simply, gastric band surgery is similar to having a gastric band fitted. Again the procedure uses keyhole surgery to fit a balloon that reduces the size of your stomach area. It isn’t permanent. After about six months, the patient should have the balloon removed. It’s only intended to help you get into better eating habits.

Neither the gastric band nor gastric balloon causes you to drop weight rapidly, but they do help you to control your portion sizes. Patients still lose weight over time, and it balances out to the levels of other procedures.


Perhaps you think that you can’t afford weight loss surgery. Services like AffordableBariatrics can provide you with a cheaper option by arranging your surgery abroad. Going to other countries for medical procedures is becoming more and more common. As the cost of healthcare becomes too much for some in many parts of the world, people are always looking for high-quality service at more affordable prices. Weight loss surgery in parts of Central America, Europe and Asia are a fraction of the price you would pay in the USA.

There are other weight loss procedures not listed here that you may want to consider. These are the ones you probably hear about most, but others include gastric sleeves and duodenal switches. Remember that any surgery is a risk, and think very carefully about whether a procedure is right for you. Research each one thoroughly before making any decisions.

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