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18 Unconventional Ways to Quit Smoking

Although people are aware nowadays of how harmful smoking is to the body, people continue to smoke because they haven’t got the right mindset and keep telling themselves they can’t do it. If you’ve struggled and struggled to quit smoking, you might want to try some unconventional methods of quitting to help you. If you think that’s what you need, ... Read More »

Overcome Isolation with Senior Dating

For some people, the problem of isolation in later life can become a serious obstacle that needs to be overcome. They may live in a rural setting where the bus service has proved uneconomic. They may have opted for the countryside and rural life in later years and have now found themselves trapped without personal transport. Couples may have had ... Read More »

Google Launches A Healthcare Company

Picture from Flickr A few days ago Google sent out a press release detailing its latest project that will see the internet giant moving into the healthcare industry. To be honest, I did a double take when I saw the press release and wondered if it was some sort of joke, but over the last day or two I’ve been ... Read More »

5 Places that would be the Worst to Clean

At the thought of a spring clean, many people will grimace when thinking about cleaning the toilet, cleaning out the gutters, unblocking drains or removing mould from the bathroom ceiling. Unfortunately, cleaning is a necessary part of life. It is one of those things that just has to be done. Whether you leave it and leave it until it gets ... Read More »

Losing Weight is Easy With The Help of a Psychic

Attempting to lose weight can become a very stressful experience. Many people get discouraged when they’ve been eating healthily all week, only to find they’ve not lost a single pound when they step on the scales. If this applies to you, it might well make sense to seek out alternative options, not usually recommended by doctors or nutritionists. Read More »

How hyperhidrosis affects your life

In order to understand how hyperhidrosis affects peoples’ lives, we first need to understand the basic process behind sweating. Sweating occurs to regulate body temperature. When the core body temperature increases in response to the environment (for example, increased physical activity or a warm climate), the skin produces a fine layer of perspiration, which is made up of mostly water. ... Read More »

Alcohol detox – what, when and how

All addicts who want to break the cycle of dependence on their drug of choice, whether it be alcohol, heroin, cocaine or whatever, have to begin by going through a process of detoxification. In this article we will cover what that means for the alcohol addict. Read More »

Workout Myths: Are Sit Ups Actually Good For You?

When most people start at looking to lose weight they think that lots of sit ups will be the way forwards, what couldn’t be easier than doing some abdominal crunches in front of the television each night and watch the fat actually melt away? Sadly this is a well known exercise myth that will leave you with firmer muscles and ... Read More »