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Preventing Back Pain: Stop Yours Today!

Back pain is one of the most painful experiences out there. If you’ve had it, you’ll know the nasty feeling all too well. Every day is made harder due to back pain; you just can’t go about your daily life as you would normally.

Thankfully, back pain is something that can be managed and treated. Using medicines, physical therapy, and alternative methods such as applying rick simpson oil, getting chiropractic therapy, and more, back pain can be countered. But, to prevent this from happening to you again, and reduce any pain you currently have, this guide should give you some great tips:

Get a Regular Massage

A regular massage will help to smooth out any tension and knots in your back. Even if you commit to just one per month, your back pain should reduce and you should feel more positive as a result. You can have massages such as hot stone, which are designed to ease tension in the muscles. Make sure you explain to the therapist what your problems are and they will advise you on something suitable.

Try Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an alternative therapy when it comes to easing off that nasty back pain. It sounds and looks quite scary, but having these needles stuck in your back isn’t so bad after all. In fact, many people report that they could hardly feel it!

Be Careful When Exercising

You shouldn’t give up exercise, but you should definitely take more care. Keep a good posture, and if you’re unsure of the correct way to do something always consult a professional. I recommend working on a strong core, as this is directly connected to your back. It can be a great help!

Stretch Properly and Carefully

After exercising and throughout the day, stretching can help those sore muscles and joints. Make sure you do this carefully, and only stretch to your abilities. Always have the right posture. Yoga and pilates are great stretching exercises that are low impact but help to strengthen the body!

Keep Your Bones Strong

Keep your bones strong by eating the right foods. Plenty of vegetables should do the job – especially fibrous veg like broccoli! It goes without saying that carrying extra weight can harm your back too. Here’s more info on a healthy diet to help you keep a good weight.

Don’t Carry Heavy Luggage

Carrying bags with you constantly that are too heavy will throw your back out and give you bad shoulders too. Only carry with you what you absolutely have to.

Keep a Good Posture

Always keep a nice, straight posture when sitting, walking, and lifting. Some people with back problems swear by Teeter Hang ups to help with their posture and readjustments.

Sleep in a Comfortable Bed

Your bed may be too soft for your back, or even too hard. As a rule, you should just be able to fit two fingers underneath the bottom of your back when lying down. If you can fit more, the mattress is too hard. If you can’t get that many under your back, the mattress is too soft. It’s always best to go to a shop in person when buying a new bed so you can test out the different models. Don’t be embarrassed, you need to make sure this is the right decision!

Try these tips and your back pain will disappear!

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