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Protein is for slimmers too

Eating a diet high in protein is usually associated with helping people to gain weight, however, protein can also help slimmers lose weight and eating high quality protein is essential to the body’s overall health.

In recent years, high protein diets have been favoured to help people lose weight. These diets are considered extreme by some experts, and it is advised that dieters don’t stick to these type of diets long term. However adding healthy amounts of good quality protein can still be extremely beneficial for dieters, especially when it is eaten alongside a diet that contains healthy, complex carbohydrates.

Here’s why protein can help slimmers lose weight and get in shape.


Eating extra protein can help increase the metabolism, or the rate that a person burns off fat and calories. The quicker the body can burn calories, the easier it is to lose weight. A faster metabolism will mean that any excess weight will burn off quicker as well.

Protein also helps the body to build muscle, and having extra muscle mass will aid weight loss, too.

Appetite suppressant

Eating extra protein is known to curb the appetite. This is because it helps to even out the blood sugar level. When the blood glucose falls to low the body demands more energy, usually in the form of sweet, sugary foods that will send the blood sugar on a roller coaster. Adding extra protein can prevent from happening and will stop a person from feeling hungry.

Extra protein will also make the body feel fuller, meaning that dieters won’t be tempted to eat so much.

Building lean muscle

One problem for people trying to lose weight is that they often get left with loose, fleshy skin afterwards. Eating extra protein can help prevent this by some degree as it will help to build strong, lean muscles while the dieter sheds the pounds.

Muscle repair

When a person diets, they are often denying the body some of the nutrients it needs, which can cause ill health over the long term. Dieters eating extra protein in the form of lean meats and fish will help to provide their body with extra nourishment while allowing the body to repair itself.

Extra protein in the diet is also important for helping the skin and nails to look their best.


Diets high in carbohydrates – especially high sugar, high fat carbs – will leave the body deficient of energy. However, protein will help fuel the muscles, giving the body the extra zest it needs to complete day-to-day activities.

Protein is also vital for brain and memory function.


Losing weight shouldn’t be about faddy dieting or denying the body the important foods it needs as this will have a negative impact on the body. By eating a diet with good levels of high quality protein foods and carbohydrates, it is possible to aid the body to shed the pounds effectively and healthily without any ill effects.

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