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Smoking: The Benefits Of Giving Up

Picture – Sean McGrath

When people are thinking about giving up smoking, they tend to be bombarded with information on the harmful effects of cigarettes. This is obviously meant to convince them to kick the habit. However, for some people this simply doesn’t work. The need to satisfy this addiction is more pressing than some potential health issues that could occur down the line. For a lot of smokers, concentrating on the positive things they will experience through giving up is a more successful technique. This post explains some of the main benefits smokers can expect when kicking the habit.

More money

If you were to calculate the amount of money you spend on cigarettes each month, I’m sure you would be shocked. Think of all the other things you could do with this cash. You could put it into savings for a holiday, deposit on a house or towards a new car. Or you may wish to spend it on a membership for a gym or other healthy choices such as organic food. Even switching to e-cigs, patches or gum will save you money. Not convinced? Have a look at an e-cig retailer like Joe’s Vapor Shop for more information on prices.

Better sex

Giving up smoking leads to improved performance, sensitivity and enjoyment of sex. This is largely due to the fact that kicking the habit will significantly improve the blood flow in your body. Additionally, communication between partners is key for a satisfying sexual experience. Talking openly and honestly can help build trust and connection, allowing partners to explore their sexuality together. To spice up your sex life, you can also watch porn videos from SEXM.XXX (or other similar sites).

Quality time with the kids

If you are a parent, grandparent or even an auntie or uncle think of all the times when you’ve popped out for a cigarette while you’ve been around the kids. All this time adds up and reduces the amount of quality time you spend with the children during these important stages of their lives. As well as this, the panting and coughing you experience when running around with the kids will stop. A few months after giving up smoking, your lung capacity will increase by 10 percent, meaning you’ll be able to keep up with the little ones a lot better.

Improves fertility

By quitting smoking you will be improving your chances of getting pregnant naturally and through IVF. In women, after giving up the lining of the womb improves. For men, their sperm becomes stronger. Stopping smoking also reduces the risk of a miscarriage.

Improved physical appearance

If you are starting to notice the negative impact smoking is having on your skin, teeth, hair and nails, it’s not too late to reverse these problems. Quitting smoking has been found to slow down the facial ageing process so will keep those wrinkles at bay for longer. It will also improve your dental health. No more stains or bad breath and a much less risk of gum disease and tooth loss.

Smoking does a lot of horrible things to our bodies. But if you are a glass half-full kind of person, concentrate on the benefits of giving up. It may just be the technique that works for you.

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