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Stretches to do before running

Before you attempt going running you need to do warm up exercises. Start with five to ten minutes of cardiovascular activity. Next perform a full-body stretching routine that gets your muscles ready for your run. And lastly, end off with a few static stretches to target the muscles you will use most while running.


Hamstring Stretch

Stretch your hamstring muscles. These are the muscles that run along the back of your thigh. Support your weight on your right foot, your right knee needs to be slightly bent then stretch your left leg out in front of you. Point the toes of your left foot up. Put your hands on your right thigh for support and lean your upper body forward towards your left leg. You should be able to feel the stretching in the back of your left thigh. Repeat this with your right hamstring.

Static Stretching

In static stretches, you need to hold the stretching position without making any movement. Stretch to the point that you feel a gentle tug in muscle. Be careful not to stretch past a comfortable point. You should not be feeling any pain when you do static stretches. Hold each static stretch for at least thirty seconds, and repeat each of the stretches three times.

Calf Stretch

It is important to give some attention to your calves as well. Stretch your gastrocnemius and soleus muscles. These muscles are which are located at the back of your calves. Facing a wall put both your hands on it. Extend a straight left leg out behind you, making sure that your toe is pointing toward the wall. Lean in towards the wall. This is when you will feel the stretching in your gastrocnemius muscle. Repeat these stretches on the right side as well.

Shin Stretch

Standing with all your weight on your right leg, cross your left leg in front of your right leg and put the top part of your left foot on the ground. Bend your right knee and press the front of your left ankle closer to the ground. You may stand close to a wall if you need help with balancing. Repeat this stretch on the right side as well.

Quadricep Stretch

You also need stretch the front of your thigh where your quadricepses are situated. Standing with your right hand on a wall for support, lift your left foot up off the ground and hold the top of your foot with your other hand. Point your knee towards the ground and pull your foot in towards your buttocks. If you feel as though you need more of a stretch, you can pull your knee back so that it points slightly behind you, but never allow your knee to point forwards. Turn around and repeat on the other leg

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