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The 5 Best Tips to Help Improve Your Fertility and Reduce Times to Conception

There is an agonizing time for couples trying to have a child, a time when it becomes a worry that they may not be able to have a child without assistance. This is the time when old wives’ tales become as believable as professional advice, and the belief that young girls get pregnant at the drop of a hat appears to be far from the truth. In reality, many couples have to turn to in-vitro fertilization (for information on IVI click here), as their options run out, or there is a known medical problem. However, if your patience is running out, and you have been given the medical thumbs up, then you may want to try some of these tips to increase your chances of conceiving.

Stop Smoking

This is not just good advice overall, it is particularly important for a woman trying to conceive. The toxins in cigarettes severely damage unfertilized eggs, leading to a long wait for healthy eggs that can be fertilized. There is also proof that cigarettes actually age ovaries to a point where a 25 year old woman can have the ovaries of a 35 year old; and the older you are, the less fertile. Smoking is also bad for men, as the sperm count in male smokers is much lower than in non-smokers

Stop Drinking

Or at least lower your intake. In one study, it was found that 2 glasses of alcohol a day lowered fertility by 60%, but there is conflicting information about drinking alcohol, apart from the fact that it should only be done in moderation. Another drink that is often forgotten about if coffee, but if you are drinking more than 5 cups a day, the chances are that you are drastically lowering your fertility. Moderation is the key when it comes to alcohol, and any drink containing caffeine. If you do lower your intake and then find that you are having problems with your fertility, it’s important that you get the help of a specialist such as from a fertility clinic in London who can provide you with advice and treatment options.

Keep Fit

Being overweight will reduce your chances of having a child, and keeping fit is the perfect way to reduce your weight and maintain a body that will keep hormone levels that promote ovulation. There is a balance that needs to be maintained here, as too little body fat can also reduce ovulation and even stop it. If your BMI calculations show you to be overweight or fat, it could double the time it should take to conceive, and it could be up to 4 times longer if you are drastically underweight. Remember to eat a balanced diet too, as this will also ensure the right levels of hormone production


There is a window of opportunity that increases the chance of conception, and it is during this window that couples should be having sex. Six days before ovulation is start of this fertility window, though it is the 3 days that precede ovulation that has proven to be the most successful. But don’t start saving up all your sperm for these days though, as your sperm count will actually decrease if you do. If you really need to find a release, however, you may want to look at the many videos on sites like Tube v Sex before engaging in intercourse with your partner. This will not only improve your performance, but will help you to get in the right frame of mind. Be sure to keep your sperm count up by delaying sexual encounters to a maximum of six days.

Relieve the Stress

Stress has been shown to reduce pregnancy rates, and by using alpha-amylase to track stress levels, it was shown that women suffering from high levels of stress had up to a 29% drop in pregnancy probability. There are many ways to lower stress levels, so start using them today.

Following these tips may not guarantee pregnancy, but the research done on conception shows that, if you do, you will significantly help fertility and the ability to conceive. Good luck, but remember that 15% of couples wait over a year for a pregnancy.

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