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Ingrown hairs are a common problem to most shavers, especially those who have curly and thick hair. These are hairs that grow back into the skin usually after you shave, wax and tweeze unwanted body hair. They are also known as razor bumps, and are commonly found on the beard area.

Ingrown hairs

Some Practical Remedies

To get rid of ingrown hairs, warm compress and exfoliating are often the most effective remedies you can do at home. Placing a warm compress on your ingrown hair area will help the hair to rise to the pore and eventually grow out from under the skin. Exfoliating will remove dead skin cells, oils, and other build up that may be clogging the pores and preventing the hair from coming out. Sterile needles and tweezers can also be used to help ease out the trapped hair, but caution must be observed so that you do not break the skin unnecessarily and cause infection, which will present more problems.

Preventing Ingrown Hair

In order to avoid these ingrown hairs from appearing again, the most logical solution is to let the hair grow long, so that they don’t get close enough to the skin and grow back in. These means refraining from shaving altogether so that the hair can grow long. But since most men can only go a certain number of days without shaving, there has to be a way to shave and lessen the risk of having ingrown hairs. This is where a good razor is needed.

Shaving with Ingrown Hair

Ideally, you must use a sharp, single bladed razor to shave. Wet skin with warm water and apply shaving cream or lubricating gel before shaving to prevent skin irritation and ingrown hair.
One way to minimize ingrown hair is to use as few strokes as possible when shaving. This lessens the chance of the hair curling back and slipping into the skin. One good electric razor that makes you use fewer strokes when shaving is the Panasonic ES-LV81-K. Its advantage is that it can shave a larger area at a time, so you don’t have to go over the areas you have shaved over and over again. One stroke and you’re good. Another feature of this Panasonic shaver is its wet and dry use feature. Most men will find that using a shaving cream or gel helps them avoid getting ingrown hair. Use of gels and creams can only be done with razors that allow wet shaving, and not all electric razor have this feature.

Another feature of this Panasonic shaver is its 14,000 cycle per minute vibrations. This speed means a more efficient shave, clean cuts, less irritation, and hair doesn’t get pulled which can in turn cause ingrown hair.
The only downside of this electric shaver is the cost. It costs over $300 and is obviously not for every regular guy out there. If you are willing to invest this kind of money in a shaver, it will surely be a good investment in terms of quality and durability. But if you are still undecided and want to try other shavers first, the Remington MS2-390 will be a practical choice. At only $70, you get a three-setting razor which give you a not-so-close shave, which is what you need to avoid ingrown hairs. While it will not perform superbly like the Panasonic, for what it’s worth it will still be a reliable shaver for those with a tight budget.

Like they say, prevention is better than cure. For you to stay away from ingrown hair, keep in mind that they mostly come from a too close shave and that the best razor to use should be one that doesn’t give an ultra-close shave. For you to know what works for you, it’s best to keep trying out different products, observe and take note of the results, and then compare and see what gives you the best results before deciding to settle on one brand.

If you’re looking for more advice on shaving and preventing ingrown hairs, check out some of the blog posts at They have expert tips on how to get the perfect shave every time.


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