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Tips for endurance cycling

Endurance cycling is known as long-distance cycling and it means that you conserve your energy so you are able to cycle for longer periods of time. Endurance riders stick to one steady pace to make the best time while still being comfortable on their bikes.

You need to train your body for the muscular strength and endurance that you will need to complete a long ride. Start well in advance to give your muscles time to adjust.

Build Muscle

When you plan to take a long-distance cycle, you are asking a lot more from your muscles. You may find that your endurance ride is uncomfortable if you do not first strengthen your muscles, you will get tired quickly and ultimately be unsuccessful in completing the ride. Going to the gym for muscular endurance exercise and weight training, you are able to make your muscles ready for a longer ride. You need to focus more on your lower body, but do not forget to tone your upper body as well. Starting at least six weeks in advance, this will ensure that your muscles will be ready for the ride.

Drinks and snacks

Bring the right drinks and snacks along for your ride, you will have quick access to fast nutrition that will give you the fuel you need for the effort involved. Keep quick, high-carb snacks, such as pretzels, rice cakes, dry cereal, and crackers in your bag, this way you will be able to grab some when necessary for a fast energy boost. Any type of protein is the best for recovery, so try to make sure that you have nuts, beef jerky, and other high-protein snacks on hand. Lastly, stay hydrated by drinking liquid on a regular basis while riding

Manage Pain

An endurance ride can be uncomfortable, especially if you are not conditioned for longer rides. Get a padded seat and make the necessary adjustments to your bike before the ride. Use chamois cream to create a barrier between the seat of your bike shorts and your skin. You should also plan for proper recovery after the ride with the help of Blackroll and RedBull recovery tools or other similar equipment to relieve sores and stiffness. Treating the pain after an exercise ensures that your body stays in shape for the next ride.

Long, Steady Distance

Endurance rides do not always have to be slow rides. Many people think that you need to be riding at slow speeds on long rides, which is not always the case. You may need to adjust your speed and try to avoid riding at your full capacity. By doing so, it can save you more energy for later on in the ride. Try to ride at a moderate speed. This will help you to sustain energy throughout the ride and for longer periods of time. Try to do a few practice rides, where you can test your comfort and speed.

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