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Tips for Ideal Nutrition Training

It is a common idea that healthy nutrition is only about proper food and products. In this case, people probably would eat fruits and vegetables all the time, to exclude junky meals and fatterings.

However, there will be no positive success if meal time is scheduled randomly. More precisely, the importance of nutrient timing and your fitness are interrelated issues one should consider before going on a diet.  Hence, several tips might be distinguished.

  1. It is a good habit to have meal at the same time every day. Especially, it can be easy for office workers, whose time-table is strictly planned and working hours start and end up at the same time. According to commonplace trend, there are three main meals during the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner (supper). However, certain researches of nutritionists claim, eating twice a day is absolutely normal, meaning breakfast at around 11 AM and dinner at 5 PM. Nevertheless, the number of meal times is not so significant, if the schedule curriculum is not kept!


  1. The menu should also be taken into account, which is extremely urgent for those willing to enhance metabolic activity or to build muscle bulk.


Breakfast time should be 2-3 hours after waking up. It is the most hearty meal out of all, as all  the calories are burnt during the day. Nowadays it is almost a trend, in particular, among women, to neglect the importance of breakfast in order to avoid additional fats’ consumption. The cup of tea or coffee won’t solve the problem with extra weight, as it is usually ends up in late dinner.  One more thing: if you are not hungry in the morning, heavy supper is the one to blame! So, it is likely to become a regularity: cup of coffee in the morning – fatty dinner before going to bed.

Lunch is a time for carbohydrates. They are slowly absorbed and essentially provide longer-lasting feeling of satiety, and, as a result, they do not raise blood sugar or overweight. Moreover, they are rich in fiber, without which weight loss is hard to imagine. Such food is low in calories and almost fat-free.

Dinner should be light and filling at the same time. It is wrong to follow the rule of not eating after 6 PM that is much promoted amongst people trying to lose weight. Dinner should be performed at least 4 hours before going to bed, and pregnant women, workers , children and teenagers should pay specific attention. Dinner should be filling enough to damp appetite. Avoiding fat food goes without saying.

Five hours is a normal interval between meals, which provides required “rest” for a stomach and necessary gastric juice for further digestion. In other worlds, it is a perfect time limit to get hungry once again. Thus, feeling hungry is a normal pointer of a food need, but if it is absent, you may refuse. The habit of eating on the clock is often too overestimated, including stubborn disregards of an aversion to food.  So, it is better not force oneself, if hunger is not an issue

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