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Tips to stop running becoming boring

Running can become rather boring, especially after miles and miles on the road. With the endless pavement stretching in front of you, it can be a bit much. Occasionally something will happen to disturb the monotony of the running session. Some athletes experience a euphoric state, especially after two hours on the road.

This is also known as a “runner’s high.” Casual runners never really get to this point, and for them running is a singular effort. To break the boredom, a runner needs to stretch not only his legs, but also his ideas about an effective workout.

Step 1

Try to run with a group of people. If you are busy training for an event, try join a group that is also training for the same event. If you run with a large group, you are sure to find someone who runs at the same pace you do. You can even start a running group in your area if there is none at the time you are training.

Step 2

Change your route; it is as good as taking a holiday. If you tend to run in your neighborhood, take a few right turns instead of left turns. If you prefer to run on a track, try a different one for a change. A running group almost always uses different weekly routes for its long runs, so you will be able to see new parts of your area.

Step 3

Find someone to go running with you. If groups are not your thing, look for a particular person to run with. Take your little one with in a stroller. Also consider that companions do not have to necessarily be human. Take your dog with you when you go on your next run.

Step 4

Change your running activity regularly. If you are a road runner, take up running on a trail for a season. If you normally train for long-distance events, try the shorter ones for a different experience. If you normally run in the morning, change to an evening run.

Step 5

Go shopping! Buy some new funky running shoes in a fabulous color rather than boring white. Buy a copy of a current running book or magazine to read about the different training styles. Try out a heart – rate monitor or GPS. Having some great new gear will encourage you to try out your new gadget or accessories next time you run.

Step 6

Take interesting detours. If you are running along a sidewalk and happen to see a sloped grassy area, run up the hill and back down again. Do not run past a playground, stop in and take a swing or a go on the roundabout before continuing. Do a couple of barefoot wind sprints on soft grass.

Step 7

Reward yourself for a job well done after your run is over, so that it gives you motivation to complete your run successfully. When you reach a speed or mileage goal, do something fun as a reward: eat your favorite snack, drink an ice-cold beer, share your achievement with someone or just watch your favorite show on TV.

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