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Top Tips For Creating A Healthy Diet

When you come to realise you need to do more in your life to make sure you are fit and healthy, you may start to research ideas to help you. The perfect figure is usually impossible to achieve without close attention to detail with your diet and lots of exercise. Drinking plenty of water is necessary too, to ensure you are hydrated.

If you are looking more closely at your diet, you may want to start with your cupboards. Many people have found that throwing out all their processed foods is helpful. It forces you to think about cooking for yourself and preparing food by hand. For most of us, this is impossible to do without detailed instructions. You can find some excellent weight loss recipes online, some of which are very easy to do. If you are a busy person, you can batch cook and freeze portions for later.

Portion size is quite important to pay attention to when you are focussing on your diet. Too little and you will go hungry. You may also be restricting the nutrients from your food too. If you eat too much, you will over stretch your stomach that may make you want to eat big portions again and again to be satisfied. Some types of food feel more filling than others too. High fibre foods like whole grains help here.

Drinking a glass of water before and after every meal helps hydrate us. It also wets the food making it easier to digest and pass through our system. Most usefully, it makes us feel fuller so we won’t over eat. A tiny splash of low-sugar squash or fruit juice goes a long way to making the water more palatable without increasing calories or rotting the teeth.

Fruit is healthy and nutritious. It is also full of natural sugars. We do not need much in the way of these sugars so keep fruit portions down, to avoid damage to teeth or dramatic changes to your blood sugar. Unsweetened tea and coffee with a splash of milk helps refresh and energise us when we are dieting. They can help stave off hunger, aid digestion and warm us up when we are tired or cold. Too much may cause sleep difficulties and stain the teeth. 

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Whatever diet you undertake, there are dozens of recipes for each one available online. Buying lots of fruit and veg can be expensive and may lead to wastage if you can’t prepare it all before it goes off. Try frozen veg if you cook as you go. It will always be there ready to go, and is easily stored. There are some recipes that require the veg to be at room temperature for the preparation so read ahead before you need to cook.

If you hate cooking, but love food, batch cooking is a reasonable compromise. You can prepare a month’s worth of nutritious home cooked meals in one go to freeze. It helps to limit wastage and ensures you portion things out well. You then only need five minutes to heat it up in the microwave before it is ready to eat.

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