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Treadmill running workout for beginners

You need to be able to walk before you can run. Start by walking on your treadmill for at least twenty minutes, about four times per week.

Walk at the speed which is comfortable for you, but keep on moving. Increase your walking time to thirty minutes. Avoid holding onto the rails unless you need help to balance. Walking will begin to strengthen your body and prepare you for running.


Start running on your treadmill by adding very short runs of about ten seconds alternated with one to two minutes of walking. How short the run is depends on how fit you are. Be careful to avoid the temptation to overdo things in the beginning. It is important to warm up first by walking five to ten minutes. After your warm up, then you begin running slowly. Taking short strides is necessary on a treadmill and will also help with your outdoor workouts.


Consistency is the key to any successful exercise program. Most runners keep a journal. There is also software available that allows you to record your exercise and list the foods that you are eating on a daily basis. Your treadmill running program should include four days of running per week and you should rest on the days in between. It is okay to walk on the rest days, but do not push yourself and take at least one day off each week.

Hill Training

Most of the treadmills today allow you to control the incline of the treadmill, which means you can do hill training in the comfort of your living room or study. Running uphill requires a lot more effort from your lungs, heart and muscles. Hill training is a great way to build leg strength and cardio fitness. Begin to add some hill training to your daily workouts by increasing the incline to two degrees and run for a minute or so. After having done a few workouts, begin increasing the incline and the running time. Some treadmills can also decline and will therefore allow you to simulate downhill runs.

Cool-down and stretching

Always end off your workouts by cooling down. This means that you should not just stop the treadmill and get off it. Gradually slow down your pace and continue walking for a couple of minutes until your breathing and heart rate slow down. When you get off the treadmill make sure that you stretch your legs. Stretch your shoulders and neck to work out any tension that may have built up while you were running.

Avoiding the boredom

Treadmills offer convenience and safety, but a lot people find them very boring to use. They have even been given the nickname the “dread mill.” If you are focused on a training plan, your workout can be interesting enough that you will not end up being bored. Training on the treadmill will allow you watch TV or listen to music while you train and you do not need to be worried about the hazards that road running brings.

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