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Vaping and Weed Smoking- All You Need To Know

Smoking is now becoming a trend of the past. Many heath-related problems have been reported that all point towards habitual smoking as it is known to cause illnesses such as throat infection or lung irritation. With recent technological advancements, vaporizers have become the latest talk of the town.

Vaporizers are electronic devices that heat up your herbs or e-liquid to a specific temperature. This heat is only high enough to release vapor from the active ingredients, instead of burning the entire herb where most of the unhealthy and unsafe toxins come from.

Smoking weed is definitely not the same as vaping. When you smoke, you’re most likely using a joint. Vaping, however, is quite a different process. Here is all the information you need about vaping and smoking weed.

Vaping vs Weed Smoking

  1. Vape Pens are Multipurpose
    Although this might not be true across all cases, it is a general rule of thumb. While smoking weed, you’re bound to be in contact with organic bud. Vape pens, alternatively, do not confine you to only that. They allow you to use various concentrates, pure bud or even different flavors of e juice. This versatility provides for more choices.
  2. Burning the Cannabis or Heating it
    Traditional smoking methods tend to burn cannabis directly. However, vaping does not do that. It just heats concentrates such as hashish (which can be purchased from to a specific temperature without burning them. When you vape, the active ingredients are vaporized and then inhaled as steam. There is no real smoke being released, therefore making it safer to use. By a simple search on the internet, you could easily find the right Weed Pen, vapes, and even cannabis cartridges for you.
  3. Vape smoke is cleaner
    When smoking weed directly, there are high chances of having certain impurities in your smoke that can come from rolling papers or reusing old water. Vape devices don’t use any of these. Instead, they only rely on dense e-juice which is heated to make steam, making the inhaled substance comparatively purer.
  4. Studies support Vaping instead of Smoking
    A large number of studies support the claim that vaping using CBD or THC-e juices (the latter can be sourced from can be better for your health than traditional smoking. Burning weed causes tar and other cancer-causing elements to be created that enter your lungs. Vape, however, does not show the same effects as no drug is actually being burnt.
  5. Vape flavor isn’t charred
    Smoking weed gives off a sharp, smoky flavor because of the burnt elements and smoke. Using a vape that is properly maintained means the flavor is less smoky and more organic.
  6. Vape allows more control over the experience
    Since vape pens allow you to control the exact temperature of the burn, you have more control over the entire smoking experience. This is an added advantage for people who like to smoke in a controlled manner.
  7. Vaping is discrete
    Vape pens tend to be small in size and can easily fit in a pocket. They also do not produce the sharp smell of a rolled joint, making the whole process a lot more secretive.
  8. Setting up the vape is trickier
    The biggest drawback with vaping is the lengthy process of setup and cleanup. Some vapes have a technical process that can be difficult to get accustomed to, and difficult to clean up afterwards. Vape pens will also require regular e-juice refills and battery packs.

The Final Verdict

Although there is no hard and fast conclusion as to which method is healthier, it can be safely inferred that an individual’s method of smoking depends highly upon personal preference and social surrounding. In places where blunt-smoking is popular, people are likely to enjoy good joint-rolling skills and will maintain their old smoking habits. Vapers, on the contrary, are more gear-oriented, technologically advanced and like to adapt to evolving trends.

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