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Video Games – An Unlikely Source for Health and Fitness Inspiration

For most people who aren’t all that much into gaming, just how some people can get lost in the world of video games for hours is incomprehensible.

Sure, you might be a gamer yourself or you might just enjoy the odd video game once in a while, but what you probably never knew was that video games can indeed make for a very good source of inspiration to help you plan, stick to, and advance your health and fitness regime. All it takes is an informed approach to your gaming exploits, a high speed internet option from Ting Internet Plans or any other service provider, and paying special attention to three different types of video games.

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Physical Fitness Games

Using motion sensor platforms like Nintendo’s Wii, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect, and Sony’s PlayStation 3 Move, you can probably already make a direct link to fitness and video games. These physically interactive gaming platforms were specifically designed to take gamers off their behinds and get them physically engaged so that they’re at least burning some calories and getting in whatever little bit of cardio exercise they are required to complete to keep up with the requirements of the game. Wii in particular takes things to the next level, with their Wii fitness games range including fitness-specific hits like Wii Fit and EA Sports Active. Those and other titles ought to give you a good workout, albeit through playing video games.

Mental Fitness Games

A healthy body is a healthy mind and health and fitness all starts in the mind. No health and fitness regime is complete without some serious engagement of the mind, and again, you can use video games as a great source of stimulation for you mind to expand, adapt and just function better. If you’ve ever tried getting through your daily fitness regime with a clogged-up mind, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s near impossible, a clear sign that your mind needs some exercise too and this mind exercise can be suitably catered to with mind stretching strategy games like online blackjack. Online casinos, like for instance, offer you all important types of blackjack. You can develop strategies and learn new skills that might help you in other situations.

Disruptive Games

This isn’t an official genre gamers and you will be familiar with as it simply refers to those games which cause some measure of discomfort in you when you play them. Games such as online casino games are great at maintaining an unlikely balance between entertainment, the prospect of winning some real money, and inducing a certain air of discomfort in you which perhaps intentionally or maybe even inadvertently feeds your anxiety. The result is some urgency created in you which serves as the ultimate fuel for wanting to go out for a jog and shake off whatever disturbing in-game proceedings you may have witnessed which caused your discomfort. It’s called productive anxiety and, although I’m pretty sure the developers of such games were probably not even in the slightest bit aware of the impact their games have on fitness junkies, these games still make for what is perhaps the unlikeliest source of inspiration and fuel for you to religiously follow your health and fitness regime.

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