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What Solutions Are There to Missing Teeth?

Losing a tooth can be a stressful experience and you can often be left uncertain as to what to do about it. Perhaps you are having problems with existing crowns, bridges or dentures? If this sounds like you then get in touch with your dentist so that they can offer you a solution for your missing tooth, or indeed, teeth.

Dental Implants in Sydney CBD are a modern solution to replacing missing teeth. The procedure involves small metal screws, made of titanium, being placed into your jaw in the place of the missing tooth. Once established, the bone gradually bonds with the implants, creating a stable and secure base for artificial teeth. Artificial teeth, in the form of crowns, bridges and dentures, can then be fitted onto the implants, in order to create a natural looking smile. This is now considered the most popular choice for replacing teeth and is available at most modern dentist practices.

So what are the benefits of having implants?

There are many benefits to choosing implants. They will give you the feeling and appearance of real teeth and also provide support for your face, so that your natural facial shape and smile are maintained, often taking years off your appearance. Hence, if you have missing teeth, getting dental implants with the help of an Olney dentist (or one located near you) seems to be a necessity.

If good hygiene is maintained, then implants can last you a very long time, so that you might never have to worry about missing teeth again. They provide a stable structure for your replacement teeth so that you can smile, bite and chew with confidence. No more worry about sticking to soft foods in case a tooth falls out!

Often when you lose your natural teeth you also start to lose your jaw bone and remaining tissues. Implants help stimulate the jaw bone to grow, as it bonds to the metal screws, creating new tiny blood vessels and creating a mouth that is healthy and strong. They also stabilise and improve existing loose dentures or can even fully replace them.

In addition, you will not need to remove your new teeth from your mouth like traditional false teeth. You will carry your new smile with you 24/7, just like the real thing!

What should I expect at the consultation?

When you visit a garland dentist (or the one near your location) to discuss your treatment, you will probably be asked lots of questions about your medical history and lifestyle. They will also want to know about any habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol, and will ask you what you hope to achieve from the treatment. Your oral health will be assessed, and the density of your jawbone will also be considered.

You should expect x-rays and photos to be taken of your teeth and mouth, and your dentist will also give you an in-depth dental examination. This will then enable your dentist to recommend the best course of treatment for your particular needs and desires.

It is important that you also ask your dentist any questions, relating to the treatment, at your consultation and, if you feel any anxiety about it, then you can also request sedation.

You will also likely have an appointment made with the hygienist as, depending on the state of your teeth, you may need a few hygiene treatments before the implants are fitted.

So if you want to regain a natural, fully functioning smile that is all your own, which gives you the confidence to carry out your life with a smile, then book a consultation now.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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