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Which is more hygenic: a bath or shower?

It’s a question many people often wonder, is a bath or a shower more hygienic? Some people prefer shower’s because they’re quicker, refreshing and revitalising. Other people prefer bath’s because they’re chilled, relaxing and can help to relieve stress and muscle aches and pains.

But which one really gets you squeaky clean? Here’s the truth:

The Benefits Of A Bath

Bathing with a nice bubble bath or bath salts can really help to relax and de stress you. If you’ve had a hard day, a long hot bath can often make you feel better. Bathing is like medicine for the soul! In a hygienic sense, the good thing about baths is that you are soaking the dirt off more than if you were to have a quick shower. This is good for places such as under your fingernails, or if you have a job that means you get particularly grubby. While some worry about bathing in the dirt they are trying to wash off, using a loofah, washcloth, shower sponge, or foot cleaner Brush and rinsing thoroughly can help ensure cleanliness without leaving residual soap on the skin.

The Benefits Of Showering

Showering at any time of the day is great for giving us a wake up call. People often exit the shower feeling and smelling fresh and ready to seize the day. That doesn’t mean showers can’t be relaxing, using a body wash with relaxing properties can help us wind down after a tough day. Hygienically, showers are great as there is a constant stream of fresh water washing away the days dirt. Also, showers are best for those of us with sensitive or irritable skin. But does this necessarily mean showers are the best thing for us?

Which Is It Then?!

The real truth is, not one is better than the other! If you are sceptical about bathing, but would like to try one to help you relax, all you have to do is use the shower nozzle to quickly wash away any visible dirt before relaxing in the tub. This way you know you aren’t relaxing in a pool of your own dirt. Once you’ve had your bath, you can give yourself a quick rinse before you get out to make extra sure there’s no dirt or soap left on your body.

In fact this method of bathing AND showering is probably the most hygienic of all, as we are soaking away any hard to get dirty bits in the bath and then rinsing away the excess stuff. If you have one of those cubicles with the sliding shower doors it won’t be possible to have a bath when you want to.

Basically, you are going to be clean no matter which one you choose. Showers are best for mornings to help wake you up and refresh you, and also when you’re running late or short on time. Baths are best for taking some “you” time, relaxing and soaking your troubles away.

Don’t be afraid to treat yourself to a shower and a bath for an extra clean, extra relaxed you!

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