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Why is New Technology So Important?

The majority of dental practices invest a lot of time and money in ensuring that they are on top of their game when it comes to recent developments in technical equipment, revolutionary ideas and modern methods are providing patients with a premium quality of care.

Every dentist in Mackay takes full advantage of the equipment that is located within the practice, ensuring that their level of service is second to none. This has enabled dental care in modern times to move into a preventive focussed approach as issues can be detected extremely early, giving patients and dentists the chance to react accordingly, rather than simply needing to resort to restorative work.

High magnification and additional illumination allow dentists to see teeth and gums in much greater detail, as do the high resolution digital scanners, that not only have reduced radiation levels when compared to a traditional X-ray, but will also produce a much more detailed and clearer image as well.

Intraoral cameras give a real time image for dentists to be able to investigate areas of concern immediately within the mouth, as well as give their patients an opportunity to see and to understand what their dentist is talking about. A useful tool in preventive care, most patients find it beneficial to see what a dentist is talking about in order to fully understand and react in the correct about any given situation. It is also a point of interest for children, where education made fun is a way to ensure that information regarding how to brush and floss their teeth is retained.

What other beneficial technology is there available?

Implant planning software enables scientists to digitally pinpoint the exact location where an implant should be placed, reducing surgical risks and minimising healing time whilst maximising comfort.

Having specialised equipment in-practice means that there is no need for so many delays when a patient needs to book an appointment with a hospital to use a certain machine. The quicker an issue can be diagnosed, the quicker treatment can be underway which can have significantly greater positive results.

There is even a caries detector available for regular use alongside X-ray machines, it is a laser fluorescence that can detect even the smallest signs of hidden decay. Should a dentist have any hint of concern regarding the health of their patient’s teeth and gums, they have plenty of opportunity to investigate further.

With advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment available in modern-day dental practices, the future of dental care is undoubtedly changing for the better. Thanks to these improvements, the field of dentistry has made significant strides in ensuring that people can maintain strong and healthy teeth throughout their lives. A qualified dental doctor (such as this Boston dentist), equipped with these cutting-edge tools, can efficiently identify areas of concern and provide effective solutions to dental issues. This progress in dental care allows patients to enjoy better oral health and a higher quality of life, as they receive top-notch treatment from skilled professionals utilizing the latest dental innovations.

Patients are encouraged to ask their dentist about the tools and equipment used during a routine consultation, so that they can understand for themselves what is being done to ensure their personal optimal oral health

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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