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Why You Should Consider Switching to Wet Shaving?

It is easy to see why traditional barbershops are making a return. Wet shaving means shaving with water and not using electric razor. This luxury experience can be created every morning at a minimal cost. Pick your tools and get effortless shave without any razor burn, ingrown hair and bumps. To lather your face, you will need a shaving cream or soap. Finish it off by splashing an aftershave oil or balm to start off your day.

Benefits of Wet Shaving

  • Skin Benefits

The common complaints that men have about their shave are ingrown hair, razor bumps, skin irritation, razor bumps and not a close enough shave. To understand how traditional shave helps in reducing skin problems, we need to look at individual components like shave cream or skin, razor and brush.

The ingredients used in shaving creams or soaps are superior and skin-friendly than commercial shave products. Some of the ingredients are lanolin, shea butter, glycerin, aloe, coconut oil, vitamin E and fragrance that is often derived from essential oils. No matter what kind of brush you use, it will exfoliate your skin and release any trapped hair to minimize the ingrown hair.

  • Cost Benefits

You can get started with as low as $40 for shaving foam, aftershave and blades. Once you have your brush and razor, the biggest cost is already taken care of. A blade lasts for almost three to four wet shaves and costs as low as $0.10 each. Creams and razors can last a very long time.

Depending on your choices, you will be spending $20 a year on them. For post-shave care, you will be spending a $20 a year, which comes down to combined cost of $50 a year for your traditional wet shave. It is already half the price of cartridges alone.

  • Environmental Benefits

Almost 2 billion cartridges end up in landfills in US every year. Since the packaging is quite minimal in wet shaving products, it helps in reducing waste. The creams and soaps last more than modern shaving products.

Some shaving creams even come in refill form which further helps in reducing waste. If this is still a lot of waste for you, you can switch to simple razor shaving. A straight razor lasts a lifetime if it is maintained well.

eShave offers many grooming products for men to make a comprehensive solution in men’s lives. The use of eShave products with correct shaving techniques will give you the smoothest shave possible that is free from shaving-related burns, razor burns and irritation.

  • You’ Time

It is really difficult for us to find time for ourselves in today’s information age. Traditional wet shave helps you to find some quiet time where you just switch off the rest of the world and focus on yourself. You can use this time to be relaxed, reflect and just enjoy the whole experience.


Shaving is a rather quick and easy way to remove hair from your body. But one cannot rule out the fact that it could have harmful after-effects on the skin. It could cause razor burns, nicks and cuts, rashes, ingrown hair and more.

Experts suggest that a permanent solution is more appropriate if such issues repeatedly arise post-shaving. The use of laser for Brazilian and body hair removal, for instance, could prove to be an effective way to go about it. It ceases hair growth in the regions where the method is used on. So, it can save the hassle of shaving repeatedly.

Regardless, the decision to select the method of hair removal is yours to commit to. So, choose the one you find best.

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to traditional wet shaving, but reaping them would depend on your skin type.

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